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Coffee machines to fit your lifestyle

Life tastes better with coffee. If sipping a delicious brew gives you a lift, then get the best with KitchenAid. You can find a coffee machine to deliver the type and taste you love. Enjoy.

What's the secret to great tasting coffee?

There's lots of mystery and myth surrounding the art of coffee.
But in the end, there are 5 parts to get right:

1 Choosing a roast - from light to dark, find a roast that brings out the flavours you like.
2 Determining grind - you need the right grind size for your brew method to get proper extraction.
3 Water temperature - the correct temperature allows the grinds to awaken and reveal their flavour.
4 Optimal brew time - allow the right brewing time so it's not under or over extracted. 
5 The brewing ratio - remember to check the correct ratio of coffee to water for a great cup.

Grinded coffee in portafilter

Coffee machine for a burst of energy

Espresso is loved around the world today: the hot shot, the rich flavour, the hit of caffeine. If espresso is your thing, then don't wait until the next restaurant or trip to a café. 

Enjoy the whole ritual at home with the same high quality, exceptional taste and aromas. You can get a stylish and professional quality Espresso machine - Artisan for serving espresso, cappuccino, Americano, latte and other favourites. 

White cup of coffee near of a stainless steel coffee machine - Artisan

Coffee time? Any time

If you have a big family, home office or just a love of coffee, there's nothing like the convenience of a Drip coffee maker with a built-in warming plate. You can set a time that suits your lifestyle and have coffee at the ready when you wake up, put your feet up or just need a pick-me-up.

The messy, drippy machines of the past are a distant memory with the neat one-touch brewing machine from KitchenAid. The carafe is designed to lift and pour without spills. Just set he brew strength you prefer and it's ready when you are.

Black drip coffee maker

Grinding beans for coffee machines

Coffee aficionados like to grind their own beans.. Why? Not only is it satisfying, but it also makes a real difference to the result. Home-ground beans gives an exceptional taste.

A coffee grinder for even results

The Coffee grinder - Artisan allows you to control the size of the grind and get perfectly even fresh coffee. You’ll need a fine grind for espresso, medium for drip coffee and coarse for cold brew.

The coffee grinder is easy to use and clean, so you’ll be happy to add it to your routine. Definitely one of the most pleasurable ‘tasks’ in the kitchen.

Red Coffee Grinder - Artisan

Respect the ritual

Get the full coffee house experience at home with the coffee grinder and espresso machine from KitchenAid. You deserve it.

Stainless steel Espresso Machine - Artisan

Espresso machine - Artisan

Bring the café experience to your home with a stylish and sturdy espresso machine. It makes it easy for you to make rich and authentic shots.

White coffee grinder

Coffee grinder

A quality grind makes all the difference to the taste. You can achieve a perfect grind size and even grind directly into the portafilter.


Espresso machine - quick facts

  • Espresso is 90% water and so water quality makes a big difference
  • The bean's natural oils released during roasting give the coffee its aroma and flavour
  • Arabica is generally known as the 'high quality' bean for its smooth taste
  • Robusta is bitter with an interest flavour and known the enhance the crema
  • Italian tradition says that 7 grams of coffee gives the best extraction
  • Making espresso is all about the pressure; more pressure means higher quality
  • The best espresso is produced at temperatures between 90° and 96°C

Cold brew coffee ... or tea

You can use your Cold brew coffee maker - Artisan for tea too. Slow steeping the loose-leaf tea in cold water for 4-12 hours means that, hey presto, it's always tea time! Cold brewing gives you a rich taste and also reduces the amount of caffeine. Dilute the concentrate and enjoy a light and refreshing drink.

Cold brew coffee maker serving tea

Master the French Press method

The popular French Press, or cafetière, has been enhanced by KitchenAid. It removes the guesswork by including an integrated scale and brew timer. This cordless and sturdy stainless steel French Press Precision - Artisan makes it easy to achieve the perfect cup.

Add some water into French press coffee maker

Enjoy a beautiful breakfast

Start the day in style. Why not complement your coffee maker with a toaster and kettle that can do more?

Red Artisan breakfast set
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