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How much ground coffee per espresso?

If you're new to making espresso, here's a handy guide for how much ground coffee to use to get it just right.

How much coffee you need depends on whether you're making one shot or two.

If you’re drinking a pure espresso, you’ll probably just need a single shot. If you're going for a cappuccino or a latte, they're made with either a single or a double shot, topped with steamed milk and milk foam. The flat white is traditionally made with a double shot.

Here's our handy guide for how much ground coffee you need to put in your filter basket:

Basket type Shot Dose (grams) Use for
Single wall 1 shot 10-12 Freshly ground whole bean coffee
Single wall 2 shot 18-20 Freshly ground whole bean coffee
Double wall 1 shot 10-12 Pre-ground coffee
Double wall 2 shot 18-20 Pre-ground coffee
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