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Which type of coffee is used for the espresso machine?

Choosing the right coffee makes all the difference to the taste in your cup. Here's our advice on selecting the right type of beans and roast...

Great coffee is made through a combination of quality beans and the correct brew method. Some tips to bear in mind:

THE BEAN: The quality and flavour are determined by environmental factors such as sun, soil, and water. Preparation factors such as picking, drying, and roasting methods also affect the flavour.

THE ROAST: The process of roasting releases the bean’s natural oils and gives the coffee an aroma and flavour unique to its region or origin. It's a matter of personal choice as to which you will relish and prefer. Roasts range from light to dark and influence the final flavour:

  • Light to medium roasts: Fruity, nutty, caramelised aromas.
  • Dark roasts: Earthy, smoky, spicy aromas.

Pick the right roast for your brew method

If you're making espresso, you may want a well-roasted coffee which is caramelised and full of body (as this quick brew method only allows a short opportunity for extraction). If you're making drip coffee or pourover coffee, you may want a lighter roasted coffee (as this slower brew method allows longer to extract the sweet compounds and give a sparkling acidity).

Tip: Freshly ground coffee is by far the best, because it's still bursting with natural flavours and oils. Why not grind your own with our KitchenAid Coffee Grinder? You can adjust the grind size precisely to deliver the right consistency for your chosen brew method.

Get the right grind size for your brew method

  • Coarse grind – looks like coarsely cracked pepper, good for a cold brew coffee maker
  • Medium coarse grind – about the size of sea salt, perfect for French press or percolator coffee
  • Medium grind – the most common grind setting, ideal for filter coffee machines
  • Fine grind – like the consistency of ground cinnamon, best for espresso.

IMPORTANT: Store your coffee beans in an airtight container in a dark and cool place to help preserve their flavour.

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