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Frequently asked questions


How do you assemble and adjust the tilt-head mixer?How do you assemble and adjust the bowl-lift mixer?How do you adjust the bowl clearance (tilt-head mixer)?How do you adjust the beater to bowl clearance (bowl-lift)?What are the maximum quantities I can put in the mixer?How long should I knead and at what speed?What can I make in a mixer?What speed shall I use for the stand mixer?Which stand mixer is right for me?Where can I find the mixer model and serial number?How do you get residue off stainless steel bowls?How do you clean the KitchenAid mixer?The beater is stuck on my mixer, what should I do?The mixer bowl is stuck, can you help?Why are dry ingredients coming out of the bowl?How do I adjust the neckpin on my tilt-head mixer?My mixer is making a sound / smell, is that normal?What shall I do if my mixer stops working?Why is the mixer vibrating or head wobbling?Why is my mixer leaking oil?Why does the mixer head feel warm?Why is the dough climbing up the dough hook?Why is my cream not whipping?Why is my bread dough not rising?What ingredients can I use in a mixer?Any tips for mixing with the best results?Is there a mixer cookbook and where can I get it?What can I do with a hand mixer vs. a stand mixer?How do I make the perfect pasta dough?Why aren't my egg whites stiffening?Can I get some tips for making bread in a mixer?What's the best way to make ice cream?What is my guarantee on a refurbished product?What is guaranteed on mixers and optional accessories?