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Why is my mixer leaking oil?

Worried that your KitchenAid stand mixer has leaked some oil? If you're experiencing this then find out what to do here...

Throughout the lifespan of a KitchenAid stand mixer, you may occasionally notice the following:

  • a few drops of oil in the bottom of the bowl
  • oil dripping off the beater shaft
  • oil leaking out of the lock lever or speed control slots on a mixer that's been turned on its side during shipping or storage.

The reason for this is that the mixer is packed with enough solid grease to last the lifetime of the mixer. When the mixer is used, the grease is distributed around the gears to lubricate them. Over time, some oil can separate out of the solid grease and will naturally settle to the lowest point in the motor-head — which is just over the beater shaft if the mixer is upright, or the speed control or lock lever slots if the mixer is on its side.

This is more likely to happen in warm weather and if the mixer is not used very often. Using your mixer regularly may prevent this from happening ... so start planning your next delicious creation!

How to prevent oil from leaking from the mixer

Here are some tips on how to prevent oil from leaking from a KitchenAid stand mixer:

  • Turn the mixer on without any ingredients in the bowl occasionally.
  • If you haven't used your mixer for a while, you can turn it to speed 10 and let the unit run for 2 minutes, before use. At the end of 2 minutes, turn off the mixer and wipe any excess oil from around the shaft.
  • Some oil could splatter and get on clothing during this process, so if you have a splatter guard (pouring shield), it may be helpful to have it attached to the bowl to try to reduce the likelihood of this happening.
  • Overusing a mixer, and not allowing it to cool completely between uses, can also cause this to occur.

Still having problems?

If none of these methods work, the only way to stop this completely is to have the mixer serviced (a servicer will take out all old grease, repack with new grease and replace the gasket.) Please contact our Customer Service team as follows: Email us here OR Call us here - this is a freephone number and service will be provided to you in local language - open Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Notes about grease leakage

Please be reassured that:

  • The grease is food grade and approved for incidental contact with food prepared in the mixer, although it may discolour light-coloured frostings or mashed potatoes.
  • Oil leakage will not harm the mixer.
  • It's not necessary to add oil to the mixer as regular maintenance.
  • Unless the mixer has lost a fairly large amount of oil, it's most likely not a concern.
  • If the mixer sounds "normal", and is not grinding, then you can continue to use it.

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