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Mixing bowls to match your vibe

When you choose a mixing bowl for your KitchenAid mixer, it's an opportunity to make a style statement. Either match your interiors and other kitchen appliances, or why not be playful and go for the wow factor? You deserve it.

Mixing bowls


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Which bowl is best?

Choose your perfect mixing bowl by considering:

  • Is it your main or additional bowl? Some people like an extra bowl to speed through preparations and recipes quickly
  • Do you prefer a handle? You may find a mixing bowl with an ergonomic handle easier to use
  • Will you be pouring? A spout helps you to pour out sauce, batter or vinaigrette - or drain excess liquid
  • Will you use your bowl for freezing or heating? Select a ceramic bowl that's safe in low and high temperatures
  • Do you need measuring lines? Your mixing bowl can double as a measuring jug if it has quantity indicator marks


Mixing bowls full of style

Match your personality

We bring you a range of subtle and bold designs, including classic looks, those inspired by nature and striking geometric patterns.

Practical to use

You may like a glass bowl to get a clear view of the mixture. Or, why not choose a cool ceramic or timeless and tough stainless steel version?

The choice is yours

Some of the bowls have handles, pour spouts and lids available to protect your mixtures.

Stylish enough for serving and admiring

Our mixing bowls have good looks, as well as practicality. Place your favourite bowl on the dining table or picnic rug with a super-sized salad. If you get a mixing bowl lid from KitchenAid, you can also protect and store your ingredients and creations for later.

Mixing bowls: not just for baking

Do you have a childhood memory of licking the bowl to enjoy the leftover cake mixture? Of course! There are so many other uses for our versatile bowls and mixers beyond baking. With all these high-quality bowls, you can mash potato, make sorbets and ice-creams, knead bread or pasta dough and much more.

Blue ceramic mixing bowl on grey mixer and lemon pie

Size matters for your bowl

Many of our bowls can be used with smaller or larger mixer models, so remember to check the details of each product. Don't forget that it's better to have a bigger, deeper bowl than you really need to minimise splashing when you're mixing, tossing or whisking.

Up to 8 cupcakes

The smallest mixing bowl is the 3L which is for little jobs like beating eggs in the 4.3L or 4.8L stand mixer. Then, the 3.3L bowls are designed to fit the 3.3L stand mixers.

Up to 16 cupcakes

The medium-sized bowls are the 4.7L and 4.8L bowls. All these fit both our 4.3L and the 4.8L tilt-head mixers. You can process up to 1kg or all-purpose flour and 12 egg whites.

Up to 24 cupcakes

Our largest bowl? The huge 6.9L. This is designed especially for our heavy-duty 'bowl-lift' style stand mixers to create very large quantities - up to 8 loaves of bread or 16 pizzas.

Bowls tough enough for all life's challenges

You'll use your mixing bowl countless times. For years and even a lifetime. That's why we make sure the material can survive knocks, scratches and extreme temperatures.

Are stainless steel mixing bowls good?

As the original KitchenAid mixing bowl, we love our stainless steel bowls. They are the most durable bowls around and a design classic. Scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, you can rely on them not to retain odours, rust or dent.
However, you may want an alternative. There are decorative mixing bowls, cheerful ceramics and strong glass bowls for viewing ingredients. It's all a matter of taste.

White ceramic mixing bowl in dishwasher

How the bowl works with the mixer

Your mixing bowl will be held firmly in place by the KitchenAid stand mixer. With a tilt-head model, it will twist-lock into the base and with a bowl-lift model, it will be secured to the arms. This means it won't move while you're working.
The bowl shape and size is designed to support the planetary action of the mixer. So, the beater, dough hook and wire whisk all incorporate ingrerdients quickly and efficiently.

Stainless steel mixing bowl on cream mixer with vegetables

Ceramic bowls for hot and cold temperatures

We've made sure our mixing bowls are tough as well as beautiful. They're all dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. What's more, our ceramic KitchenAid bowls are also freezer-safe, microwave-safe and oven-safe, so you can soften butter, temper chocolate, cook a custard and harden or cool ingredients in a single bowl. No cracking or expanding to worry about. Made out of vitrified ceramic and titanium reinforced, they're lighter and stronger than other ceramic bowls.

Stainless steel mixing bowl on pink mixer making frosting

Easy to clean your mixing bowl

While it's fun to get creative, there's always tidy-up time. That's why our mixing bowls are dishwasher-safe. You can pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher when you've finished. Alternatively, hand wash them in warm water with mild detergent. All KitchenAid bowls are made to handle daily use, so they'll resist staining and cracking for many years to come.

Stainless steel mixing bowl on pink mixer making frosting

Choose your mixing bowl

Treat yourself to a bowl that ticks all the boxes and looks great in the kitchen too.

Horizontal stripes

Ceramic bowl with classic looks

Frosted glass bowl

Elegant with quantity marks

Quilted stainless steel

Hand-crafted for a classy look

Boost your creativity with KitchenAid accessories

All mixers accessories

Expand your repertoire by attaching anything from a pasta roller to a food processor or a beautiful new bowl.

Exciting mixer attachments

Sweet, savoury ... trendy or traditional? Every dish is on the menu with a KitchenAid attachment. You can mince, dice, shred, roll, stuff and more!

Replacement mixer parts

Switch between the whisk, paddle ('flat beater') or dough hook on the mixer. All are available with variations such as non-stick coating.

Make your mixer unique

Personalise it in 3 steps: choose your favourite colour, add even more personality by picking an extra bowl to match and add an engraving.

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