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Why are dry ingredients coming out of the bowl?

When using your stand mixer for your creations, are you sometimes finding ingredients flying up or splattering? See our tips for dry ingredients...

If you're finding dry ingredients are clouding up or flying out, there are several things you can do to address the problem.

Are you using the splatter guard?

To prevent dry ingredients from coming out of the bowl, we recommend using the splatter guard (pouring shield). This is dual purpose: you can pour ingredients neatly into the bowl through the chute opening, and you can prevent ingredients from making a mess when mixing.

We supply a splatter guard (also called the pouring shield) with many of our mixer models and it works by sitting on the top of the bowl.

If you don't have the splatter guard, then you can purchase one as follows: For 3.3L mixers: Splatter guard 5KSM35PS For 4.3L and 4.8L mixers: Splatter guard 5KN1PS (works with tilt-head mixers except with certain bowls*) For 6.9L mixers: Splatter guard 5K7PS

  • Splatter guards sit on the bowl and are not compatible with glass, ceramic or special metal bowls such as textured, quilted or hammered. KitchenAid splatter guards are made of durable plastic and are dishwasher-safe.

Try the soft-start feature

If you often make bread or other items with a lot of dry ingredients, you may want to consider a mixer that has a "soft start" feature.

Certain models have a "soft start" feature which means that the mixer may hesitate momentarily when turned on. When you select a speed, it will start slowly and increase gradually to the desired speed. This is to prevent flour and other ingredients from flying out of the bowl. Some models also have a 1/2 speed or a "fold" option, which would also help.

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