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Is there a mixer cookbook and where can I get it?

When you get a KitchenAid mixer, you'll be keen to get started on recipes. Find out here where to find inspiration and a maker's cookbook...

The KitchenAid mixer does not come with a cookbook included. However, we have plenty of inspiration for you online, and you can also purchase our comprehensive cookbook too if you'd like to.

Get going with the Starter Guide

A great way to get to know all that the mixer can do is to take a look at the Starter Guide. First you will need to register your product with us. Once you've registered, download the free digital Starter Guide that is sent to your email..

Browse recipe ideas on the website

We share lots of recipes for all our products on the website's Recipe Section here. You can browse and search recipes for dishes, drinks and treats for every taste and occasion.

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