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What can I do with a hand mixer vs. a stand mixer?

You may be considering whether to go for a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Discover the versatility of the stand mixer and the benefits of each here...

It's not a battle of the mixers; hand mixers and stand mixers each have their own benefits. Here's our advice:

Many people have both for different tasks, but if you only want one, ask yourself a few questions about your needs and habits:

  • How much counter space can you devote to a larger appliance? (the smallest mixer is the 3.3L mixer tilt-head, although a hand mixer will be much smaller).
  • How often, and what sort of things, do you make? (the stand mixer is better for frequent or heavy use, and offers far more versatility).
  • Do you want to carry it? (stand mixers are heavier – although they can be picked up and transported – while hand mixers are lightweight).

What they can both do

  • Save you time and effort
  • Whip/whisk cream, eggs, butter
  • Mix ingredients for cakes, cookies, dough, pancake batter, milk shakes, sauces, puddings.

About the hand mixer

All KitchenAid hand mixers come with a pair of removable all-purpose metal beaters, which you can use to whip egg whites, cream, or butter. Some models may also include a whisk or dough hook attachment. All hand mixers can operate at several different mixing speeds. They are small and light, easy to use, store and carry with you, and you can even choose the cordless model. Hand mixers are not hands-free, but they are compact and comfortable enough for one-handed operation.

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About the stand mixer

A stand mixer will take your cooking and baking to a whole new level. You’ll have more speed and power, which you often need for big batches or heavier ingredients. All KitchenAid stand mixers come with several included accessories, namely a dough hook, whisk and paddle (flat beater). You can rely on it to whip, mix and beat ingredients in far less time, thanks to its original planetary action. The stand mixer is hands-free, allowing you to multitask while it gets on with the job.

You can also choose from an exciting range of optional attachments (sold separately) to turn your mixer into a hub for making pasta, ice cream, sausages, flour, spiralized vegetables and much more.

If you love to personalise, you can do so with a stand mixer, by choosing from a huge selection of colour options, as well as being able to add on stylish extra bowl and even have your own engraving (on our 'Artisan' premium models).

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