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What is guaranteed on mixers and optional accessories?

When you buy a stand mixer product from KitchenAid, you can be sure of its quality. Each one comes with a guarantee for a certain length of time. Check here...

The guarantee period that you are covered for depends on the purchased product. You can find it in the table below:

Mixer product Guarantee period
Mixer tilt-head 3.3L 5 years
Mixer tilt-head 3.3L Classic 2 years
Mixer tilt-head 4.8L - Artisan / Artisan with extra accessories / Artisan Premium 5 years
Mixer tilt-head 4.3L Classic 2 years
Mixer tilt-head 4.8L Heavy Duty 2 years
Mixer bowl-lift 6.9L - Artisan 5 years
Mixer bowl-lift 6.9L Heavy Duty 2 year
Mixer bowl-lift 6.9L Professional 1 year
Ceramic bowls for stand mixers 5 years
Stand mixer attachments 2 years
Optional accessories/parts 2 years

Want to extend your guarantee?

If you are coming to the end of the guarantee on your stand mixer aand would like to extend it for even longer, you can do so and take advantage of a free 'health check' at the same time. This means that your mixer will be taken for inspection and maintenance by our own experts. Explore the Health Check option here.

Find out more about guarantees

You can read more on the Customer Care section of our website here.

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