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What's the best way to make ice cream?

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Before you use it, set your freezer to the coldest setting. Store the freeze bowl in the freezer for a minimum of 15 hours.

Then, prepare the ice cream batter in advance. For best, and quicker, results, thoroughly chill the ice cream batter in the fridge beforehand.

To make your ice cream in the ice cream maker:

  1. Assemble and engage the pre-frozen freeze bowl, dasher, and drive assembly.
  2. Set the mixer to “STIR” speed and then gradually pour the ice cream batter into the freeze bowl while it's mixing (IMPORTANT: pouring batter into the freeze bowl before starting the stand mixer may cause the mixture to freeze prematurely and lock the dasher).
  3. Mix for 20-30 minutes, or to the desired consistency. Add any solid ingredients like fruits, nuts, candies, or chocolate chips, after 12-15 minutes of the mixing process.
  4. Remove the dasher and the freeze bowl and, using a rubber spatula or a plastic or wooden spoon, transfer the ice cream to dessert dishes to enjoy immediately, or an airtight container for storage. Do not store ice cream in the freeze bowl in the freezer. Prying hard ice cream out of the freeze bowl with metal scoops or utensils may damage the freeze bowl.

How do you like your ice cream - soft or hard?

The ice cream maker attachment will create soft-consistency ice cream. For those who like a firmer consistency, store the ice cream in a shallow, airtight container in the freezer for 2-4 hours.

NOTE: If the dasher begins to slip and make a clicking noise, this is an audible indicator that the ice cream is done. Enjoy!

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