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A filter coffee machine gives you the perfect cup

You can't beat the rich smell and taste of freshly ground coffee beans. With a filter coffee maker you can enjoy perfectly brewed coffee at home without the hassle. Designed by our experts to get the critical combination of water, ground coffee and brew timings just right, so you can just turn up and pour.

Filter coffee machine

Filter coffee machine makes it your way

The sleek and convenient KitchenAid drip coffee machines are so easy to use and ideal if you like fresh ground coffee every day, just right. Choose your timing cycle using the handy programmable timer and then select your preferred brewing strength. Pour out a delicious hot cup of coffee any time of day or night.


Is a drip coffee the same as filter coffee?

They both refer to coffee made by pouring hot water over fresh coffee grounds in a filter. The solubles in the ground coffee are dissolved and strained through the filter into the vessel below. You can do this with the pour-over method. Or use a filter coffee machine to do it for you through our gold-tone permanent filter. As temperature and timing are critical to the flavour, the filter coffee machine is an easy way to achieve the perfect cup without the trial and error.


The stylish filter coffee maker

Want your filter coffee machine to look stylish too? Of course. The KitchenAid drip coffee makers are curvy and sleek, in a choice of Onyx Black, Charcoal Grey, Almond Cream or Empire Red (for the Drip Coffee Maker 1.7L) and Onyx Black or White (for the Drip Coffee Maker 1.7L - Classic). Shiny and sturdy, these drip-coffee machines are made to be admired and enjoyed for many years to come. With two brew buttons in different places, you can position it forwards or sideways. The spout on the jug prevents drips and spills.


Handy features and functions

Our filter coffee machines come with all sorts of clever features and functions that will make mornings that little bit easier. 

A programmable timer so your coffee is ready when you need, or the 'pause and pour' for when you just can't wait until the end of brewing. You can select your brew strength with just the push of a button and keep your coffee warm with the warming plate. We've literally thought of everything so you don't have to.

Which filter coffee machine? Compare our coffee makers

We have a range of drip coffee makers. Find your ideal model:

Kitchenaid Coffee machine 5KCM1208BOB Onyx Black Profile

Drip coffee maker for full-bodied coffee the easy way. Serve coffee 24/7.

€ 149.00
  • Type of machine
  • Drip coffee maker

  • To use with
  • Ground coffee

  • Capacity
  • 1.7 L (1 to 12 cups)

  • Pause & Pour function
  • Yes

  • Warming plate
  • Yes

  • Programs
  • One 24/7 programmable brewing time, two brew strengths

  • Reusable filter with dose ladder
  • Yes

  • Guarantee
  • 2 years

Kitchenaid Coffee machine 5KCM1209BOB Onyx Black Profile

Drip coffee maker for convenient coffee. 24/7 program and warming plate.

€ 152.15€ 179.00
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  • Type of machine
  • Drip coffee maker

  • To use with
  • Ground coffee

  • Capacity
  • 1.7 L (1 to 12 cups)

  • Pause & Pour function
  • Yes

  • Warming plate
  • Yes (programmable for up to 40 minutes in 10-minute increments)

  • Programs
  • Two 24/7 programmable brewing times, two brew strenghts

  • Reusable filter with dose ladder
  • Yes

  • Guarantee
  • 2 years


Spiral shower head, like a barista

Our drip coffee makers have a unique 29-hole spiral shower head design. This is inspired by the spiral action of the barista, who spirals around with the water to steadily soak the coffee grounds. The grounds are evenly saturated by the shower head for optimum extraction, taking just the right amount of time to give you a full-bodied cup.


The art of making the perfect cup

Brewing a coffee, just the way you like, is one of those satisfying and simple pleasures that can brighten your day. Our filter coffee machines help you get your brew spot on.


For a finely balanced cup of coffee, you need exactly the right combination of water, coffee and brew time, so it's not too weak or strong. To help you get it just right, there’s a handy dosage ladder on our gold-tone filter, level markings on the water tank and a dosage chart for adding the water. That means consistent results and no more guessing.


Everyone's different, so choice is important. As well as choosing your favourite coffee, you can also select regular or bold on the brew strength selector. The filter coffee machine then adjusts the brew to deliver the flavour that makes you go 'mmmmm'. Once you've found the sweet spot, you can make it again and again at the touch of a button. If only everything in life was this reliable.


Take a sip and how does your coffee taste? Gold star? The filter affects the quality of your cup of coffee. Paper filters that remove all those lovely natural bean oils can make the drink taste flat. The gold-tone permanent filter on our filter coffee machines is reusable and designed for optimum filtration. It's long-lasting, economical and replaces the standard size-4 filter paper cones. There's even a helpful dosage ladder, to make sure you add just the right amount of ground coffee.

Fresh filter coffee whenever you fancy


Do you want your coffee at 07:30 on the dot? Or for a 15:30 sofa break? Thanks to the clever 24/7 programming function, all you need to do is set the timer for when suits you and your fresh, hot coffee will be ready. There's intuitive one-touch control with an LCD display and no confusing menus to scroll through. With the latest model, you can even set one cycle for weekdays and another for weekends. It's the ideal way to end your week and turn life down a gear.


Can't wait for your coffee? We've all been there. That's why there is a 'pause and pour' feature on the filter coffee machine. This stops it dripping if you pick up the glass carafe while the coffee is brewing. Pour a quick cup and return it to the plate to finish dripping through. Shhhh! We won't tell anyone.

Keep your coffee deliciously hot

Don't know about you, but we like our coffee hot, not lukewarm. Thanks to the hot plate, your coffee stays at the perfect temperature for up to 40 minutes after brewing. So if life’s busy and you get distracted, no problem.


Plenty of coffee for everyone

If you love your coffee, size matters. If you have a small capacity coffee machine, it can be pretty annoying if you keep running out. 

The 1.7L capacity of our filter coffee machines means you can make up to 12 cups of coffee. Perfect for a family of coffee drinkers, or for when you've got friends over.


Cleaning your coffee machine is super easy

A cup of coffee is nearly 99% water - and water contains minerals, like calcium and magnesium, which pass through your coffee machine and leave limescale. 

So if you use your machine a lot, it will need regular cleaning. But thanks to our coffee machines' clever cleaning cycle, you don't need to worry. Just push a button and it's done. And you can relax.

Know your coffee beans


A huge variety of flavours and strengths are available from around the world that all work really well when prepared with a filter coffee machine. But, most agree that lighter roasts work best for maximum flavour, due to the longer brew time – compared to the espresso. And whether you’re buying ground coffee, or grinding at home, go for a medium grind.


Arabica beans are far and away the most popular type of coffee bean, and the best for filter coffee and espresso. These beans are known for their smooth, soft taste, with hints of chocolate, caramel, nuts fruit and berries. Coffee aficionados say coffee made with Arabica beans is best drunk black (or with the smallest splash of milk).


The benefits of grinding your own beans

The smell of freshly ground coffee is famously irresistible. But that’s not the only benefit to grinding your own beans:

  • you can select the precise grind size for your chosen type of brew

  • fresh coffee beans are full of antioxidants

  • you can experiment with tiny changes to the grind size to affect your coffee’s flavour.

With 70 grind sizes, our coffee grinder gives you perfect precision for the fullest flavoured cup.


Good news for filter coffee lovers

Your daily cup may be good for you. Freshly ground beans are packed with antioxidants that have health benefits and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Coffee is also known for improving certain aspects of brain function - including memory, mood, vigilance and energy levels. Just watch those caffeine levels though; everything in moderation.


Fancy an espresso?

Loved for its potency, espresso is thicker and more intense than other types of coffee. Espresso is either served in single or double shots, or used to make lots of delicious drinks – such as latte, cappuccino or macchiato.


Enjoy a beautiful breakfast