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Stand mixers to inspire your creativity




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Kitchenaid Food processor 5KSM3311XBBM Matte black Profile
Kitchenaid Food processor 5KSM3311XBBM Matte black Box
Matte black
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Same iconic design, but smaller, this mini mixer is perfect for tight spaces.

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What can you do with food mixers?

It's not all about baking. You can use your KitchenAid food mixer for lots of other tasks, without even buying any extra attachments. Take the effort out of mashing potato, whipping cream into butter or mixing up meatloaf. A powerful electric stand mixer will save your arms and save you time!

Tilt-head vs bowl-lift stand mixers

Not sure which to choose? All makers have their preferences. It all depends on your style.


Tilt-head mixers

This iconic model gives you easy access to the mixing bowl, with a convenient tilting motion.


Bowl-lift mixers

These mixers are even more sturdy, allowing you to slide the bowl in and out for heavy or professional use.


What's in the box?

It's exciting to take your new stand mixer home. Your KitchenAid mixer will come with included attachments to help with all sorts of tasks.

You'll be all tooled up with the mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and beater (the paddle attachment). These can easily be changed with a simple twist-lock motion and allow you to do everything from make cake batter to whisk eggs or mix up mashed potato or bread dough.


A mixer gives you power in the kitchen

KitchenAid mixers have a unique planetary action which makes sure the ingredients are evenly mixed. With 59 touchpoints around the bowl, the mixer incorporates everything far more thoroughly and with more speed than you could possibly achieve by hand.

There’s an electric direct drive motor within the head, which is quiet, reliable and designed to minimise power loss. Just pick a speed and work dry or wet ingredients, from kneading bread dough to whipping cream as light as air.


A stand mixer: your friend for life

Whether you're a passionate baker who enjoys a Saturday morning session, or a full-time pro with a food mixer never far away, you can rely on a KitchenAid stand mixer to last and last.

Built from tough materials with a premium die-cast metal base, they can take any recipe you can throw at them. Don't be shy!


Stand mixers in a rainbow of colours

One of the most delicious things about buying a stand mixer is selecting your favourite colour. At KitchenAid, colour is in our DNA and we're always excited to add new colours every year. Choosing from this rainbow can be as tricky as choosing between a slice of pistachio sponge or red velvet cake.

There are tempting options like Dried Rose, Majestic Yellow, Pistachio, Green Apple or Velvet Blue. Pebbled Palm is a rich new colour for the dark interiors trend, with a calming mossy hue and textured finish.

Stand mixer attachments: from dough to sausages

You may not think of a food mixer for making ice cream, jam, orange juice, ravioli, apple pie or veggie noodles. However, with KitchenAid stand mixer attachments, you can make your mixer a solid base for lots of handy kitchen tools. Reassuringly heavy, it's the perfect foundation for a whole collection of robust and reliable accessories. Just plug them directly into the multipurpose attachment hub and away you go.


Pick a bowl to match your mixer

While your stand mixer comes with a mixing bowl, there are lots of other gorgeous designs to enjoy.


Sleek stainless steel

Stainless steel bowls will always be a winner. They resist staining, scratches, chips and odours. Going on and on for years and staying good as new, they're always dependable. As well as fitting on to your stand mixer base, they're timeless and minimalist - attractive enough to serve on the dining table.


Express your own style

If you're tempted to choose something a bit different, enjoy browsing. Perhaps a classical ceramic bowl in Black Stripes, Whispering Floral or Empire Red. From delicate pastels to dark hues, you'll find the perfect food mixer to match your home.


Clear and convenient

What about a glass bowl with easy-to-read quantity marks, so you can monitor your progress? Some bowls have ergonomic handles and pouring spouts and because they're dishwasher-safe, it's quick and easy to clean up afterwards.