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Food processor attachment for all mixers to slice, dice, shred and julienne.

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Food processor attachment for special effects

Slice, dice, grate and cut into matchsticks. Eating healthy and interesting meals has never been so easy!

Made for KitchenAid stand mixers (except 5KSM7990)

ExactSlice System controls thickness

Dicing kit

Shredding & julienne discs (fine or coarse)

Wide-mouth feed tube

Storage case

What's in the box?

Who has the time to do dicing and other impressive prep? You do, with this versatile food pro 5KSM2FPA powered by your mixer.

Make your mixer dice, slice and julienne

Put away the knife for now and let your mixer do the hard work. Whether you’re shredding, slicing, dicing or making julienne strips, you can process ingredients at home via your mixer’s attachment hub. Crunchy salsa, veggie curry… which dish will you start with?


Prep work powered by your KitchenAid mixer

Plug the food processor into the multipurpose attachment hub of your KitchenAid stand mixer(1). Just open the hub cover and on it goes. Then, you’re all ready to slice, dice, shred and julienne your way to wholesome meals that please even the fussiest eaters. You can also get precise results at home for elegant, exotic and colourful platters to surprise your guests.


Exact slicing from thick to thin

With the exclusive KitchenAid ExactSlice system, you can cut slices of any thickness you like by selecting one of the six available settings with the external lever. 

There is no fruit, vegetable or hard cheese that can withstand this efficient slicing system. It slices from thick-to-thin (and anywhere in between) with the stainless steel blades and manual speed control. So, whether it’s lasagne, tart or sandwiches on the menu, you can get it just right.


Quickly and precisely dice

Perfectly diced food not only looks impressive in dishes, but has the added bonus of cooking evenly. That makes things more straightforward when you’re sautéeing or roasting!

Quickly and precisely dice lots of vegetables and fruits at home with this versatile chopper attachment. The double-blade dicing kit delivers neat, bite-sized cubes in moments. Throw them in your latest creation!


Cut the fuss of shredding and julienne

The shredding disc on the food processor delivers fine or coarse shredding of anything from hard cheese to cabbage. So you won’t have to fiddle around with a knife or box grater when you’re making a shredded salad or vegetable fritters. You can also ‘julienne’ ingredients for thin, uniform cuts of hard fruits or vegetables like beetroot, apples or carrots. Also called french-cut or matchstick-cut, this type of processing is ideal for marinading or cooking vegetables for serving with fish, for example.


Feed tube and wiper save you time

Ease is the name of the game for this food processor attachment. Thanks to the 2-in-1 wide-mouth feed tube and a food wiper that pushes food towards the opening, you don’t have to cut everything up small or keep stopping to scrape the ingredients in. 

The food wiper, that can be attached under the disc, pushes food forward to be processed. You can get on with pushing the pieces in and see quick results.


A cinch to store and clean

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a compact storage case to hold all interchangeable parts. Keep your discs neatly together without taking up too much space in the kitchen. As the parts are dishwasher-safe too, that means everything stays in pristine condition. No hassle, no mess.


Very good

It is smaller than expected but very powerful and good.

I use it for dicing and it is brilliant.

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