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€ 101,15 € 119,00
€ 101,15 € 119,00
Incl. VAT
5KSMFGA - 859711577170

Meat grinder for all mixers. Mince meats, fish, veggies, fruit for burgers and more.

€ 101,15 € 119,00
Incl. VAT

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Grind and prep your own way

What’s your favourite? Create it with our food grinder stand mixer attachment. From pub-style burgers to falafel.

Mix up your ideas

Quickly mince, grate and grind any combination. Throw in herbs, spices or veggies and enjoy!

Control your ingredients

You’re the chef. Know exactly what goes into the meatballs or salsa you make at home.

Safety first

Guide the ingredients towards the knife and grinding plate with the included food pusher. Simple.

Get a quality grind

You’ll achieve just the texture you’re looking for with this stand mixer attachment. Choose from the coarse (6mm) or fine (4.5mm) stainless steel plates for neat results.


Veggies, cheese, breads

Have fun experimenting. As well as meats, the food grinder is ideal for crumbling hard cheese, vegetables, nuts and more. Find a recipe and then add your personal touch!

Fresh meat and fish

You’ll soon become an expert. Most commonly used as a KitchenAid meat grinder, it’s your ideal prep tool. Meats should be extremely cold for the optimum results, even partially frozen.

What’s in the box?

Improved food grinder attachment design

For a quality grind on everything from raw meat to vegetables.

Fine (4.5 mm) grinding plate

Use the fine grinding plate to grind cooked meats for spreads, hard cheeses (e.g. Parmesan), bread crumbs.

Coarse (6 mm) grinding plate

Use the coarse grinding plate to grind raw meats for burgers and chili, vegetables for salsas and sauces.

Stainless steel knife

To process soft and hard ingredients.

Food pusher

Use the food pusher to push easily any kind of food into the feed tube and towards the knife and plates. Dishwasher-safe.



Our Meat grinder attachment (5KSMFGA) is now stronger and easier to use than ever. Powered by your KitchenAid mixer, it allows you to quickly mince, grate and grind all sorts of fresh ingredients. Make nutritious and tasty foods such as meatloaf, falafel, salsa and burgers from scratch at home. You can use the coarse (6 mm) or the fine (4.5 mm) stainless steel grinding plates to grind and mince all your ingredients. This mincer attachment is also ideal for crumbling and grating dry bread, vegetables, fruit, nuts and cheese. Included with the KitchenAid grinder is a removable tray and a handy food pusher, to guide ingredients safely towards the grinding plates.

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