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Meat grinder for all mixers. Mince meats, fish, veggies, fruit for burgers and more.

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Grinder for creating wholesome food

KitchenAid meat grinder gives you satisfyingly even grinds of meats, vegetables, fish and more. Mince and grind from scratch with this mincer attachment for your stand mixer.

Made for all KitchenAid stand mixers

2 grinding plates (coarse or fine)

Removable food tray

What's in the box?

Make far more than meat, this food grinder 5KSMFGA with its 2 plates helps you to create from scratch.

Transform ingredients for delicious, fresh recipes

While pre-packaged foods give you little control over the ingredients, this food grinder helps you to create from scratch. From pub-style burgers to spreads or spicy falafel, it’s time to get creative and experiment. Try adding different flavours like parsley, garlic, rosemary, lime and more.


Powered by your trusty stand mixer

How does it work? Assemble the KitchenAid meat grinder and plug it into the multipurpose attachment hub of any KitchenAid stand mixer (sold separately). Then, turn the mixer to speed 4 and start pushing the food in with the pusher. You’ll get a quality grind of everything from vegetables to raw meat to fruit, nuts, fish and even bread. Throw it in and watch the perfectly minced ingredients emerge. You’ll soon become an expert. TIP: For the best results, meats should be extremely cold, even partially frozen.


Coarse or fine? You decide.

Choose between a coarse or fine texture with this grinder attachment. Just switch between the fine or coarse grinding plate for a suitable grind size and get started. The machine is strong, made of durable plastic with metal parts, and gets to work quickly. 

The grinder attachment gives consistent results and can really open up your culinary repertoire. It opens the door to new possibilities and puts things like meatloaf, sausages, salsas and jams on the menu. You’ll be surprised by what you can do.


Get a taste for organisation

When you’re on the go in the kitchen, it helps to be prepared and stay organised while you’re working your magic. With the handy removable food tray, the ingredients are right there and ready to process in batches for your dishes.


The food pusher then helps you to get every bit of flavour from your ingredients. You simply guide the ingredients towards the grinding plate to see them become transformed. When you’ve finished, easy to clean and compact to store away.


Go well beyond the daily grind

Once you’ve ground your ingredients into a beautifully even consistency, you can take it a step further using our other complementary attachments. Make delicious fresh sausages using the Sausage stuffer kit (5KSMSSA) and filling them with your flavourful ground meat.


You can also use the Food strainer extension pack (5KSMFVSP) to make jams, purées, sauces, and nutritious baby food. If you’re in a baking mood, the Cookie press (5KSMCCA) is ideal for shaping biscuits into an impressive Viennese style. Yes, you can do that at home! Each of these additional attachments are sold separately.

PaulWest Yorkshire

Great product fantastic quality like usual all kitchenaid products are always up to my expectations thank kitchenaid

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