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Meat grinder attachment and sausage stuffer extension set for all mixers.

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Grinder to mince, grind, grate

There’s nothing this hard-working KitchenAid mincer can’t deal with. Create wholesome, delicious, fresh meals from scratch in your kitchen.

Made for all KitchenAid stand mixers

Made of durable metal

3 grinding plates (fine, medium, coarse)

2 stuffing tubes (large or small sausages)

Removable food tray

What's in the box?

Get your grind on with the KitchenAid grinder 5KSMMGA. Powered by your electric mixer, it has plates and stuffer tubes included.


Fresh food, in a flash

Create your own meals from scratch without any mystery ingredients. From beef burgers and meatloaf to veggie sausages and salsa – completely wholesome and delicious.

Fast and thorough grinding

Fresh cooking from scratch doesn't have to take long. The KitchenAid meat grinder in metal tackles the most challenging ingredients with ease. Grind meat for sausages and burgers, vegetables, hard cheeses, fresh breadcrumbs, nuts, fish and more – using ingredients you can feel good about.


Let your stand mixer take the strain

Your stand mixer can be a meat grinder and sausage stuffer! This attachment is simple to put together, and then just attach it to the multipurpose attachment hub and let the mixer do all the work.

It’s a pleasure to watch it grind your ingredients, for perfectly ground burgers, breadcrumbs, patés or cheese. If you’re making sausages, after you’ve ground, just swap the plates over and attach your chosen sausage stuffer.

Not only will your meals be fresher and healthier, with no preservatives, you’ll have fun adding your own favourite recipe twists to make them your own.


Wholesome recipes made easy

Stick to the ingredients you want, avoiding those you don't. Experiment with adding fresh ingredients to your grind, like parsley, garlic, rosemary and more, for exceptional flavour, just how you want it. The possibilities are endless.

The fine plate gives you smooth results, for producing paté, baby food, spreads, or meat for burgers, meatballs or sausages with a finer texture. The medium plate is for slightly chunkier burgers and patties, or vegetables for soups, casseroles, or veggie burgers. The coarse plate is for chunkier still, powering through vegetables and cheeses and giving you the perfect texture for chilli or meat pies.

Prepare and grind meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, herbs… the list goes on and on with this versatile attachment.

Mince-being-pushed-through-grinder-attachment-and out-the sausage

Big or small… simply scrumptious sausages

For fresh, tasty, preservative-free sausages, the KitchenAid sausage maker is exactly the tool you need. Eat with confidence, knowing exactly what you’ve put in, and wow your friends and family with exciting flavour combos. Red onions, peppers and chicken? Lamb and garlic? It’s up to you.

There are two sizes of sausages to choose from. The 9.5 mm for smaller sausages, like chipolatas, or the 19 mm for more generously sized sausages like bratwurst or Cumberland. Vegetarian? This attachment is definitely not just for meat eaters. Create the veggie stuffing of your choice and enjoy delicious veggie sausages too. 


You can process more in one go

Want to get lots of grinding or mincing done at once? The larger food tray⁽¹⁾ on this metal grinder model means you can process more ingredients, all in one go. Perfect for batch cooking, or hordes of hungry barbecue guests. And, although it’s bigger, it’s removable, so you can pack it away neatly in the storage case. We really have thought of everything. 


Faster grinding for speedier results

The sturdy metal design of this grinder attachment gives you faster grinding⁽²⁾ for even the most challenging ingredients. It’s a great tip to pop the grinder in the fridge or freezer to pre-chill before grinding. A cold temperature really helps when preparing meat, and gives you a cleaner, easier grind for all sorts of ingredients. It’s just another touch to make mealtimes that little bit simpler.


Metal grinder is as strong as it looks

The KitchenAid meat grinder attachment 5KSMMGA is reassuringly tough, made from aluminium, with stainless steel plates. It can take on whatever you need for your recipe, quickly and easily. Don’t be shy with your experimentation! It will work through meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheeses, giving you just the consistency you’re after for your creations. 


Easy to keep sparkling clean

When you’re done, cleaning up is easy. There’s a cleaning brush to remove food from the grinding plates and other parts of the grinder. The sausage stuffer plate, sausage stuffer tubes and food pusher can all be safely washed in the dishwasher on the top rack. All the other parts should be washed by hand, and we’ve included a special cleaning brush for the job. You can even pop the cleaning brush in the dishwasher too.

Once everything is washed and dried, you can pack all the parts away in the handy storage box that also comes with this attachment, to keep all your parts neatly together in your kitchen. 


I bought this to have a go at making my own burgers. I've only used it once and ground the chuck steak twice, the results were fantastic! It was very easy to set up and use - do put the parts in the freezer before use if you have room, it helps. I don't think I'll be buying shop bought minced beef or burgers ever again!

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