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Paddle attachments for heavy mixing and shredding

When the going gets tough, you need a paddle attachment. Also called a mixer paddle attachment or flat beater, it allows you to mix, stir, beat and shred normal-to-heavy mixtures with ease.


Mix up cake batter or mashed potato

Your paddle beater is ideal for making tasty batters for cakes and cookies. You can also use it to mix and mash normal or heavy mixtures and for fast-beating, or creaming butter and sugar. Stronger than a whisk and less aerating, it gradually incorporates ingredients. Set your KitchenAid mixer to a slow speed and then increase until you can no longer see separate ingredients.


How to shred meats in a mixer

Love shredded meat? Avoid the mess and go hands-free. When you slow-cook meats like pork or chicken to shred or pull for mouthwatering meals, you can do so in your mixer. Add the warm meat to the bowl in medium-sized chunks. Fit your paddle beater (flat beater or pastry beater) attachment. Start at a slow speed and then gradually increase until the meat is well torn. A New York style pulled pork sandwich at home is far easier than you thought!


Powered by your KitchenAid mixer

Add the paddle attachment to your tilt-head or bowl-lift mixer for efficient and thorough mixing. Designed exclusively to work with KitchenAid mixers, these beater attachments deliver fast and thorough results every time. Careful: attach it to the beater shaft of the mixer with the power off and speed on 0. Then, you're all ready to fold, mix, shred, beat or even mash.


Is a paddle attachment the same as a flat beater attachment?

The paddle is also called a flat beater simply because it’s flat. It works by pulling the ingredients around the bowl, while allowing some of it to travel through the holes and become thoroughly mixed. At the slowest speed, it will gently fold ingredients, and at a faster speed it will mix, beat and shred. These paddles can vary in material, with some being stainless steel and others being anti-stick coated.


The pastry beater: your short cut to perfect pastry

The ingredients for pastry might be simple but, as all bakers know, the devil is in the detail. Cutting in those little lumps of cold butter, so they remain intact in the flour mixture, is what gives it that lovely flakiness. Our pastry beater does it for you, without overmixing or warming up the butter. Whether you're making a pie, biscuits or scones, this is the tool for you.


Flex-edge beater for fast results

Really want to flex your skills in the kitchen? You may prefer a paddle with a flexible rubber edge, to scrape the edges of the bowl. These Flex-edge beaters from KitchenAid allow faster mixing when baking, so you don't have to stop and use a spatula to scrape the sides. It's ideal for creaming and beating, or working with stickier mixtures with ingredients like honey.


Tip for mixing perfect cake batter

Don’t overbeat. It’s important for cakes to be light and fluffy. You need to thoroughly combine all ingredients and get air into your mixture too. But don’t overbeat or it will become thick and chewy. Why? Because you develop gluten into the mix which isn’t ideal for baked goods.

How to choose your paddle attachment

Look below to find the one compatible with your mixer and then choose the material you prefer.


Mixer tilt-head 3.3L

Paddle attachment: Model 5KSM35CFB - Aluminium and anti-stick coated 

Flex-edge beater: Model 5KFE35T - Coated metal with santoprene side 


Mixers tilt-head 4.3L and 4.8L

Paddle attachment: Model 5KSM5THFBSS - Stainless steel - Dishwasher safe

Paddle attachment: Model 5K452B - Aluminium and anti-stick coated 

Flex-edge beater: Model 5KFE5T - Coated metal with silicone side 

Pastry beater: Model 5KSMPB5SS - Stainless steel - Dishwasher-safe

Pastry beater: Model 5KSMPB5W - White aluminium coated 


Mixer bowl-lift 4.8L

Paddle attachment: Model 5K5A2B - Aluminium and non-stick coated 


Mixer bowl-lift 6.9L

Paddle attachment: Model 5K7FB - Aluminium and non-stick coated 

Paddle attachment: Model 5K7SFB - Stainless steel - Dishwasher safe

Flex-edge beater: Model 5KFE7T - Coated metal with silicone side 

Get inspired by our recipes

Ready to get started with your mixer paddle? Here are just a few delicious recipe ideas to spark your imagination...


Crispy chocolate chip cookies

Chicken and pea pie

Chicken and pea pie

Apple blondies

Apple blondies


Kneading made easy with a dough hook

Homemade bread and pasta is a treat and always worth the effort. But imagine if you didn't have to do all that kneading by hand. A dough hook mixes your dough and kneads it for you, massaging, folding and stretching it to get the elasticity you need. It takes a fraction of the time and zero effort, for delicious results. Your tastebuds - and your arms - will thank you.

Black mixer whisker whipped cream

Whip up a storm with a whisk

Pop the whisk accessory on the beater shaft of your mixer for fast results. You can whip cream or eggs, make fluffy desserts and even salad dressings in seconds. Save your arms by whisking with your mixer — even if you're working up egg whites into firm peaks for a meringue.


All the attachments you need

If you have a stand mixer in your life, then take a look at all the optional accessories that you can use. From a pasta cutter to a spiralizer or a grain mill, you can find attachments to widen your horizons and give you new skills as a maker!