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Whisk for incorporating air into eggs, cream, desserts with the 3.3 L mini mixer.

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The perfect whisk for your mini mixer

Whip air into your recipes quickly with this KitchenAid mini whisk attachment. Ideal for light and airy recipes – from melt-in-your-mouth meringues, to pillowy cream, or fluffy marshmallows.

Durable stainless steel wires with aluminium head

Made for the 3.3 L tilt-head mixers

6-wire whisk

Whisk attachment to save your arms

Whip up a treat with this KitchenAid balloon whisk (5KSM35WW) for 3.3 L tilt-head stand mixers. The stainless steel wires and aluminium head are perfectly designed for incorporating air into your food. Whether you need gentle bubbles for pancakes, soft peaks for whipped cream, or stiff peaks for meringue, you’re all set.


Durable whisk you can rely on

Crafted with stainless steel wires with an aluminium head, this whisk means business. Its sturdy wires are designed to effortlessly incorporate air into your recipes, while being sturdy enough to take on high-speed whisking jobs with ease.


Built for your mini tilt-head mixer

Save your arms and your time by letting your stand mixer do the whisking for you. This 3.3 L stand mixer whisk attachment attaches to your mini tilt-head stand mixer, and makes light work of all that whipping and beating. When you’ve finished, wash by hand in warm soapy water.


The power of six

Get ready for cloud-like soufflés. The six stainless steel wires on this KitchenAid balloon whisk are perfectly positioned to whip with efficiency, reaching all parts of the bowl. Beating egg whites, emulsifying vinaigrettes – you’ll do it remarkably quickly. So, on to the next recipe step!

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