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Optional tamper for help with large or ultra-thick blends in the Blender K400 - Artisan.

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A little extra help for thick blends

For dense mixtures like hummus and nut butters, this KitchenAid blender tamper allows you to push ingredients into the vortex, to ensure your blender powers through every ingredient.

Fits K400, K150 and K130 models (1)

Durable BPA-free plastic tamper


Tamper for tough blending jobs

Love super thick blends? The K400, K150 & K130 blenders are built to handle tough ingredients like nuts and chickpeas with ease – but you might find you need an extra helping hand to get perfect results with recipes like peanut butter or hummus. This KitchenAid tamper (KSB4048TPR) gives you control to eliminate any air pockets.


Complement your K400, K150 or K130 blender

This BPA-free plastic tamper is the secret to mastering dense or ultra-thick blends. When you’re working with this kind of blender recipe, use this KitchenAid K400 tamper (also suitable for the K150 & K130 blender) to encourage ingredients into the vortex.


A little help for harder blends

When you’re blending at high speeds or with heavy recipes, you might occasionally find air pockets form over the blade of your K400, K150 or K130 blender, causing the ingredients to bridge. That’s when this handy KitchenAid blender accessory comes in useful, allowing you to quickly and easily push ingredients back into the blades for smooth results. You’ll be tucking into some seriously smooth hummus in no time.


Dishwasher safe makes clean up nice and easy

Like all other accessories for your K400, K150 or K130 blender, we’ve designed this tamper to be easy to care for. Made from rubber and BPA-free plastic, it’s dishwasher safe – so you can enjoy your recipe without having to worry about washing up.

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  1. Fits K400 (5KSB4026), K150 (5KSB1325) & K130 (5KSB1320) blenders