Stand Mixers

Inspire your culinary creativity with our full range of stand mixers compatible with more than 15 versatile attachments. For everything you want to make.

Make space for creativity

From baking connoisseurs to design lovers, from who loves experiment new and tasty recipes to everyone who is simply a passionate maker. Discover the range of KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Make it unique!

Design your own stand mixer to suit
your style ... or make a personalised
gift for someone special in your life.
Choose your colour, your bowl and
your own engraved message.

FREE personalisation

Our Stand Mixer family is growing smaller

KitchenAid Mini serves up the same iconic and timeless charm of its "big brother"

The unique design of our Stand Mixer will make your kitchen special

Choose a stunning colour to compliment your style!

High capacity and power for professional chefs who insist on the best from any dish

Discover our professional range

KitchenAid Heavy Duty

This professional tool is ideal for heavy, dense mixtures. It ensures thorough ingredient incorporation.

KitchenAid professional Stand Mixer

Thanks its highly efficient motor, it is ideal for heavy loads and it can easily handle very large quantities of food.

For everything you want to make

Looking for inspiration for your food delicacies? Transform any new finding into an inspiration for your next creation. Get inspired by the range of over 15 attachments for your Stand Mixer

Discover the range of accessories for Stand Mixers

What are you looking for? We want help you to choose the attachment that best suits your needs. All the attachments fit all the Stand Mixers.

A recipe for every craving

about baking

Longtime traditional recipes, a fragrant smell spreading around the house. Welcome to the great world of baking. Be ready to get your hands covered in flour.

Stand mixer

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