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Glass 1.4 L jar for your K400, K150 or K130 blender. Secure lid, pour spout.

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Tough glass jar for bold blends

This extra tough glass jug is for whizzing up all sorts of blends with your K400, K150 or K130 Artisan blender. Deliciously fresh and velvety smooth. What will you make?

Fits K400, K150 and K130 models (1)

1.4 L single-wall jar

Asymmetric stainless steel blade

Secure-sealing lid with measuring cup


What's in the box?

The KitchenAid glass jar 5KSB2048JGA is made for our K400, K150 and K130 blenders.

Tough jug for the K400, K150, or K130

Keep on whipping up delicious blends in your K150, K130 or K400 - Artisan blender with a spare KitchenAid blender glass jug. It easily powers through the toughest ingredients to make fresh and tasty soups, salsas, smoothies and sorbets. 


Get the most out of your blender

The KitchenAid 1.4 L blender jar is made for blenders K400 (5KSB4026), K150 (5KSB1325) or K130 (5KSB1320). And, just like the jug that came with your blender, its square design maximises performance, so you can throw in all sorts of ingredients and textures, including seeds, nuts, ice, frozen fruits and tough and dense veggies. Get perfect-tasting, smooth results, whether you’re making nutritious homemade soups, baby foods, nut butters, sauces, dips or breakfast smoothies.


Powerful vortex at the touch of a button

The KitchenAid blender glass jug is designed and engineered to optimise the performance of the K400, K150 and K130 - Artisan blenders. The square jar shape has inner ribs, which fold contents back in towards the blade to create a powerful vortex for maximum blending. Its silicon lid is safe and secure and the convenient handle and spout make pouring easy, so it’s just right for taking blends with you, when you’re on the go.


Asymmetric blades for ultimate smoothness

The design of the KitchenAid 1.4 L blender jar works in perfect harmony with the stainless steel blades, to break ingredients down quickly. The asymmetric blades are precisely angled in 4 directions for the smoothest and most thorough results. 

Made of hardened stainless steel and ultra sharp, these 3 mm thick blades will  work their way through the toughest, most fibrous ingredients to give you dreamy smooth blends. As many times as you like. Try making your own cashew nut butter, or whipping up a healthy kale and pineapple smoothie? The possibilities are endless.


Secure lid with handy measuring cup

The securely sealing lid on the blender jar, made of silicone, also includes a measuring cup. This is super handy for measuring and adding ingredients of up to 60 ml to the blender without stopping. So, you can add whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy, without worrying about messes and spills. 


Less mess and easy cleaning

We love helpful little touches. Our blenders have a soft-start feature that begins gently pulling food in towards the blade and then quickly increases to your selected speed.

Washing the jug is easy too. With the self-cleaning cycle, just half-fill the blender jar with water and a drop of dish soap, and then run the cycle. The 1.4 L jar and lid are also dishwasher-safe for added convenience. Voila, job done!

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  1. Fits K400 (5KSB4026), K150 (5KSB1325) & K130 (5KSB1320) blenders