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Can you blend hot liquids or foods?

You can blend hot liquids in a KitchenAid blender when making soups, sauces and more. Here are our tips for getting the best results...

Blenders are ideal for preparing and making delicious sauces, soups, broths. You can blend hot liquids, but please be take care:

  • When blending hot liquids or ingredients, the Ingredient-measuring Cap should remain in place over the lid opening. As it's vented, the steam will be able to escape.
  • Always blend hot liquids using the Low speed or Pulse setting and then increase the speed if necessary.
  • Cool hot foods, if possible, before blending.

Want hot soup? Discover the Blender Power Plus

If you love nutritious homemade soup, then you'll love our Blender Power Plus. It has a BPA-free Thermal Control Jar with 1.75 L capacity, which keeps heat inside. You can use the special soup function on the blender to heat ingredients into soups and sauces in 5 minutes, thanks to the friction in the jar. Pour your soup or sauce with ease: the outer jar remains cool to the touch, and a venting lid allows you to blend hot liquids without steam buildup. It's safe to pop in the dishwasher.

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