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2 years guarantee

Personal jar with sip lid for the Blender K400 - Artisan. Blend inside with blade assembly.

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Personal jar for your adventures

Blend and go with this KitchenAid 500 ml blender jar. Whizz up your ingredients in the cup, then twist on the easy-drink lid to enjoy your recipes, wherever you go.

Fits K400, K150 and K130 models (1)

500 ml durable BPA-free dual-purpose jar

Asymmetric stainless steel blade attachment

Easy-drink lid

Carry on the go


What's in the box?

This KitchenAid 500 ml blender jar with blade 5KSB2030PJB means you can enjoy nutritious and delicious blends when you’re out and about.

Meet your new travel companion

Take your creations on a journey with this dual-purpose blender jar. Built to pair with our K400, K150 and K130 blenders, this accessory lets you whizz up your ingredients directly in the jar with the asymmetric blade. Then, just pop on the easy drink lid and enjoy a refreshing pick-me-up.


Blends in the jar for less mess

Do more with less. Simply attach the blade attachment on top of your K400, K150 or K130 blender base, then mix up your ingredients directly in the cup. Then, pop on the airtight lid, and you’re good to go. No pouring, dripping or washing up another container – more time to get out and explore.


Make your drink and take it with you


Asymmetric blades for smooth blends

The asymmetric blades of the blender attachment have no problem with tough ingredients like nuts, ginger root, fibrous veggies and frozen fruits into a silky smooth consistency. Built from durable stainless steel, they’ll go the distance – and the 2-year guarantee puts your mind at rest.


Flip the lid and take a sip

Whether it’s a healthy smoothie, a vibrant spinach and pineapple juice, or a frothy iced chai latte, the easy-drink lid makes sipping straightforward. The airtight lid attaches securely to the jar, so it’ll keep your drinks fresh, and won’t need to worry about spills.


For wherever life takes you

Keep your favourite blend in reach. A protein packed smoothie for after a run, a zingy OJ for your morning walk, or a tasty iced coffee for your commute, stay refreshed and hydrated wherever you are.


Dishwasher safe for fun times

Just like all the accessories for the K400, K150 and K130 blenders, every part of this add-on is dishwasher safe. So while you’re preparing for your day, you can focus on the fun. After all, who likes washing up?

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  1. Fits K400 (5KSB4026), K150 (5KSB1325) & K130 (5KSB1320) blenders