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Enjoy the perfect taste with the K400 blender by transforming the toughest ingredients into smooth textures and delicious flavours.

€ 359,00
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Blender: what’s in the box?

You’ll get everything you need to start creating fabulous blends.
What will you make first?

1.4L Glass Jar

This graded glass jar is square shaped with inner ribs to increase the power of the blend. Its bevelled corners make pouring easy. Dishwasher-safe.

Secure Lid with Removable Measuring Cap

Fits securely on the jar, minimising spills. The lid is made out of silicon and is easy to remove and clean. It features a vent for blending hot soups and a removable BPA-free measuring cap for adding ingredients (up to 60ml) during blending. Dishwasher-safe.


90 Days Money Back Guarantee program

Enjoy the perfect texture and taste with the new Kitchenaid Artisan K400 Blender. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 90 days we will refund you in full!

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Advantages of the Blender K400 - Artisan

  • Blends even the toughest ingredients
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Smart motor which adapts to ingredients
  • Unique asymmetric stainless steel blade
  • Ribbed jar for optimal blending
  • 5 speeds and a pulse option
  • Handy self-cleaning cycle
  • Sturdy, stable and durable
  • Choose from a range of optional accessories

Colour to match your style

Colour is a huge part of our story. We love to bring you trendy and timeless choices to suit your personality and interiors. Check out our latest Colour of the Year, Honey, which brings sweetness and warmth to any kitchen.

The Colour of the Year

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Bring warmth in 2021

It’s time to indulge yourself and the people around you with delicious homemade dishes and treats, created with love.

Blender designed for the perfect taste

Easily blend the toughest ingredients for smooth results and the perfect taste with our Blender K400. Passionate makers, get ready to create!

Colours to inspire you

Colour is in our DNA. We love to bring you classic and contemporary choices to suit your style, home or stand mixer. Check out our Colour of the Year, Honey, which will add a delicously warm glow to your kitchen.

Stable metal construction

With a die-cast metal base and control knob, this blender is built to last. It’s heavy, sturdy and ready for any recipes you may dream up. It feels reassuringly solid and comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

Open up possibilities

You can fit your lifestyle with optional K400 blender accessories for every need and routine (sold separately). Take a 500ml personal jar to work or the gym, store a small batch jar in the fridge or use the citrus press.

Tackle tough ingredients

Feel confident using tough ingredients like almonds, chia seeds, ice, ginger root or nutritious, fibrous and leafy vegetables. They’ll be transformed into smooth, even textures resulting in perfectly balanced flavours. Delicious.

3-part blender system

Create smooth blends every time. Three aspects combine in our 3-part system: the unique asymmetric blade, ribbed jar and adaptive Intelli-Speed motor which senses the contents to maintain optimal speed.

Feel in control

Achieve precisely the taste and texture you’re imagining with the intuitive control dial. Turn it through 5 speeds, a pulse option and 3 useful preset programs: ice crush, icy drinks, smoothie - as well as a handy self-cleaning cycle.

Blender that’s made for sharing

The Blender K400 not only looks great, but is super versatile and powerful too.
It even cleans itself - perfect for a busy household.

When the going gets tough

Tough ingredients can be so good for your health, with their fibre, protein and nutrients.
This KitchenAid blender has been designed to tackle nuts, fine seeds, ginger root, dense fruits and leafy greens like kale, blending them down to the finest consistency for your creations.
This thorough blending performance gives you wonderfully even results, with a balanced taste in every sip or spoonful.

Packed with personality

Give a pop to your kitchen colours with a bright and rejuvenating new look. You can choose a stylish Blender K400 to suit your style, home interiors or even your stand mixer of the same colour.
There are so many colour options to tempt you - from Pistachio to Medallion Silver - that you’re sure to find the best food blender for you.

Less mess with your blender

Go wild and unleash your imagination without worrying about cleaning up. The Blender K400 has a soft-start feature which begins the motor at a slower speed to fold in ingredients and then quickly increases to avoid splatter.
When you’ve finished, you can use the self-cleaning cycle. Simply fill your blender jar with some water and a drop of dish soap, then run the self-clean cycle. The jar and lid are also dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

Accessories adapt to your life

Make the Blender K400 perfect for you with a range of optional accessories for making blends of different sizes, storing them and throwing them in your bag.

Blend all day, every day

Reach for the sturdy Blender K400 every day, as many times as you like - from green breakfast smoothies to soups, dips, nut butters and fine purees to serve with your evening meal.
It has a sturdy die-cast metal base, a die-cast metal knob and an expertly-crafted 3-part blending system. You can feel the quality and know that it will last for many years to come. So, which recipe will you try next?

Suit your healthy lifestyle

Do you love a zingy juice on-the-go? Or perhaps you take a spicy homemade soup to work for lunch? We’ve thought of all the ways you may want to use your blender and created an array of optional attachments (available separately).
Why not take a smoothie for your post-workout treat in a personal bottle, or keep a little mixture of fresh baby food or a mint dip in the fridge? See what works for you. 

Looking for some foodie inspiration?


The K400 - Artisan blender 5KSB4026 delivers the perfect taste for your creations. It’s designed to power through even the toughest ingredients to deliver smooth results, whether you’re making a nutritious homemade soup, baby food, lime juice, nut butter, dip, purée, sauce or smoothie. How does it work? The blender has a 3-part system which works in harmony: the unique asymmetric stainless steel blade, ribbed jar which folds ingredients back in and the Intelli-Speed 1.5 HP motor which senses the contents to maintain optimal speed. Built for heavy daily use, it has a solid metal construction, including the control knob, and a 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind. You’ll find it easy to control with the intuitive dial. Turn it to your desired speed, a pulse option or 3 preset programs – ice crush, icy drinks, smoothie – which automatically take care of the cycle for the best consistency. When you’ve finished, you can use the handy self-cleaning cycle to clean the blender ready for your next culinary adventure. Which taste sensation will you think of next? The K400 - Artisan blender has a range of optional accessories, each sold separately. Depending on your lifestyle, you can make and store blends of different sizes and take them along when you’re out and about. Choose a 500 ml personal jar (which is handy for taking smoothies and juices in your bag), 200 ml small batch jars and 1 L citrus press.


General Specifications
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Technical Specifications
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  • Voltage (V)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Max. rotation speed
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  • Width of the packed product
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  • Gross weight (kg)
  • Net weight (kg)
  • Plug type
    Type B

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