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Types of coffee drinks

Types of coffee drinks

Rachel Thomas

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Discover the best loved and most popular types of coffee drinks and, even better, how you can create them yourself at home. Bring the coffee house experience to your kitchen, from a robust espresso to the dusting of chocolate on a cosy mocha. Let’s go...

Types of coffee drinks to enjoy making

Most coffee drinks begin with the perfect espresso. Combine that espresso with your choice of milk – steamed or frothed – to make a whole host of tempting seasonal recipes.

Master the espresso and you can easily make these delicious types of coffee drinks. Which will you try first?

  • Café latte

  • Cappuccino

  • Irish coffee

  • Iced coffee

  • Pumpkin spice latte

  • Latte macchiato

  • Espresso macchiato

  • Mocha

  • Americano

Types of coffee drinks to enjoy making

How to make an espresso at home

First things first. To make all of these different coffee drinks, you need to know how to make authentic espresso with a KitchenAid espresso machine. Here are the steps:

  1. fill the water tank with fresh water and switch your machine on

  2. the water will heat to the correct temperature

  3. select your filter basket and press it into the portafilter

  4. fill the filter basket with espresso grounds

  5. tap the portafilter to level off the grounds and press them down firmly with the tamper

  6. twist and lock the portafilter in place

  7. select the dose – and go!

Café latte

Usually just called a ‘latte’, this is probably the most popular coffee drink there is. Its name comes from the Italian word for coffee with milk (caffè e latte). It’s made of a shot of espresso and steamed milk.

To finish off with style, why not try some latte art in that gorgeous foamy milk, for a true café experience? Our espresso machine has a built-in steam wand ideal for making silky microfoam and you can then pour it higher and lower to create shapes on the surface.

Cafe Latte


The cappuccino originated in Austria, called a ‘kapuziner’ due to the colour of the coffee drink resembling the colour of a Capuchin monk’s robes.

Today, a cappuccino is known for its 3 distinct layers of espresso, steamed milk and foam, often with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top. Or go US-style with a flavoured syrup such as hazelnut or caramel too.


Irish coffee

For the perfect Irish coffee in the evening, you’ll need piping hot espresso, sugar and Irish whiskey. Stir them together, combine in a toddy glass, and top it with thick cream that has not been whipped.

And remember, even if you don’t normally have sugar in coffee, it provides the buoyancy for the cream to float – the signature of the Irish coffee.


Iced coffee

Too delicious to save for summer, iced coffee is lovely, creamy and refreshing. But it’s easy to get wrong. If the espresso is too hot, the ice melts too quickly. Too cold and the sugar won’t dissolve.

Put your sugar in the cup before you pull your shot, add milk to cool the espresso, then add ice, and you’ve got yourself a perfect iced coffee.


Pumpkin spice latte

A fairly new addition to the list of different coffee drinks is this gorgeously cosy winter warmer. Blend smooth pumpkin purée, espresso, spices and frothy milk – all with a luxurious layer of whipped cream on top.

And the good news is that tinned pumpkin purée has made its way over from the US into many European supermarkets. Definitely one to add to your repertoire.


Latte macchiato

This is a latte with the espresso poured on top to create a dark top layer, hence its name – which in Italian means ‘stained milk’.

To make it, instead of adding milk to the espresso, you add the espresso to the steamed milk – pouring slowly to get a gorgeous coffee layer. Finish off with foam on top.

Serve in a tall glass to show off your impressive layering.


Espresso macchiato

Different from the latte macchiato in that it has just one or two spoonfuls of milk foam. The espresso is poured into the cup first, with the foam on top.

So, while latte macchiatos have espresso streaks through the milk, espresso macchiatos have white foam streaks through the espresso. Why not try both and see which you prefer?



Can’t decide between a coffee or a hot chocolate? This is the drink for you.

Coffee and chocolate is a marriage made in heaven. This delicious drink combines espresso, steamed milk and cocoa or hot chocolate powder.

If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, add whipped cream and another dusting of chocolate on the top. We all deserve a treat sometimes …

Taille personnalisée – 1@2x


The story goes that during World War II, US soldiers stationed in Italy found espresso too strong, so they added water, and the Americano was born.

A true Americano should have no crema, so if you add water to the espresso after pulling the shot, the crema mixes into the drink. But if you love your crema, do it the other way around (aka a Long Black).


Tips for making different types of coffee drinks

Whichever drink you decide to make, it will taste amazing if you:

  • grind your own coffee beans for the freshest flavours, oils and aromas

  • get the grind size just right for the drink you are making

  • store and keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible

Get the basics right and you’re well on your way.

See the coffee grinder

Explore different types of coffee bean

While there are many types of espresso-based drink to sample, there are also a whole world of different coffee beans, roasts and regions to try. The climate and soil in the coffee-growing regions has an affect on the flavour profile, with everything from the rain to the altitude contributing to the taste.

From the earthy, herbal flavours of Asia to the floral notes of Africa to the nutty and chocolatey tones of Latin America, you’ll taste the difference in the final drink.

You can enjoy the full force of each profile with a single origin coffee, or find a delightful and well-balanced blend that suits your taste buds. Have fun experimenting.

Discover different types of coffee beans



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