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Introducing the
Colour of the Year

Introducing the Colour of the Year

We love unveiling our Colour of the Year, and this time it brings much-needed positivity, vibrancy and fun into your home! KitchenAid has always championed the power of colour to fuel creativity — it’s a great way to express yourself, lift your mood, and welcome in a new year. So say hello to our 2022 Colour of the Year: Beetroot.

Explore our
mixer and blender in

  • Explore our mixer in

    Mixer tilt-head 4.8L - Artisan Beetroot

    Mixer tilt-head 4.8L - Artisan Beetroot

    Iconic, versatile tilt-head mixer in our rich magenta Colour of the Year, with a lush satin finish. Have fun experimenting with accessories.

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  • Explore our blender in

    Blender K400 - Artisan

    Blender K400 - Artisan

    Blender for the perfect taste, available in uplifting Beetroot. Smooths even the toughest ingredients, from almonds to coconut.

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Goodbye ordinaryThis is the year to embrace your playful side and rediscover the joy, fun and the unexpected in everyday things.
Like that gorgeous burst of colour you get when you first cut into the humble beetroot. A colour that shouts energy and positivity.

  • Create your
    happy place

    Make your kitchen as original as you are! An inspiring place to spark your creativity and be your true self. The sky’s the limit, so let your ideas fly...

  • Discover the
    beauty of beet

    Beetroot has it all going on. Not only is it the most amazing colour, it’s jam packed full of flavour and nutrients. So add this purple pick-me-up to your plate - and your home.

  • Be boldly

    Beetroot is unashamedly different, in looks, taste and overall sass. Uproot the ordinary. Be more beetroot.

  • Embrace this
    vivacious veg

    Amazingly versatile, beetroot can be a cheeky surprise in all sorts of dishes, and as part of your decor too. Put a fresh twist on the familiar, guaranteed to make you smile.

The power of purple,
the magic of magenta

This energising and uplifting hue is a celebration of self expression. It will bring out the adventurous side of both new and seasoned cooks. You’ll be itching to put unexpected twists on regular recipes and experiment with veggie-forward cuisines from around the world.


The power of purple
The power of purple

Spark up your creativity

Thought it was just for pickling? Think again. It adds a pop of energising colour and texture to both savoury and sweet dishes. From cakes to salads to pasta and pies, you can eat, drink, cook and naturally dye with it. Where will you start?

  • Chilaquiles with Spicy Beetroot Salsa

    The beautiful colour of the beetroot salsa takes this heavenly Mexican dish to another level. Although traditionally served as a breakfast, it’s perfect for a fun meal with family or friends.

  • Double Chocolate Beetroot Cake

    Beetroot is a truly magical ingredient in cakes - lending a natural gooey, fudgy texture to die for. This chocolate cake with a yummy cream cheese frosting will be a huge hit with everyone.

  • Fresh Beetroot Tortellini with Butternut Squash and Sage

    A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds - the pink pop of the pasta, combined with the warming sweet and herby filling is a guaranteed winner.

  • Multigrain Beet and Bean Burgers

    Veggies and meat eaters alike will love these flavour-packed burgers. And the best thing is, you can whizz all the ingredients together in moments.

  • Vibrant Veggie Pizza

    This pizza is a sight to behold. Packed with gorgeous and delicious ingredients and colours, even the base is the colour of beetroot.

  • Zesty Beet Hummus

    Make way for the prettiest dip in town. You’ll definitely impress your guests when you bring this tasty hummus out, with some warm pitta or crusty bread.


Bring home the beetroot

Make every day more vibrant, and welcome the extraordinary, with our beautiful beetroot range. Which of our iconic products will you choose?

  • Enjoy the making with a mixer

    Enjoy the making with a mixer

  • Create and experiment with a blender

    Create and experiment with a blender