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Kettles with hot style




Extra colours available with other filter options

Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1032BSS Stainless steel Profile
Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1032BSS Stainless steel Other


Precision kettle with gooseneck spout to control the flow. Choose your temperature.

€ 152.15€ 179.00
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Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1565BER Empire Red Profile
Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1565BER Empire Red Perspective
Empire Red
Almond Cream
Onyx Black


Kettle with contemporary design and innovative touches like fast, quiet boiling.

€ 126.65€ 149.00
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Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1222BOB Onyx Black Profile
Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1222BOB Onyx Black Perspective
Onyx Black
Stainless steel
Empire Red
Almond Cream


Kettle in classic dome style with stainless steel walls. Boils quickly, non-drip.

€ 109.65€ 129.00
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Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1722BER Empire Red Profile
Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1722BER Empire Red Perspective
Empire Red
Almond Cream


Gorgeous, big, fast boiling kettle with variable temperature control.

€ 160.65€ 189.00
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Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1522BER Empire Red Profile
Kitchenaid Kettle 5KEK1522BER Empire Red Perspective
Empire Red
Medallion Silver
Candy Apple
Cast iron black
Pebbled palm
Onyx Black
Ink blue
Almond Cream
Imperial grey


Variable temperature KitchenAid 1.5 L kettle looks curvacious and boils quickly with temperatures from 50-100° C.

€ 211.65€ 249.00
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Electric kettle to match your kitchen

A kettle is more than an appliance; it can be a style statement too. It’s always on show in your kitchen, works the hardest, and takes centre stage when you have people over for tea and cake. So it’s definitely worth choosing one that combines looks with performance.

We’re known for our colour range, and our kettles are no exception. Are you bright and bold or cool and classic? Do you want to match your appliances, or perhaps add a bright colour splash in your kitchen? We’ve got plenty of colours to inspire you, from Empire Red, Cast Iron Black and Almond Cream, to Pistachio, Candy Apple or classic silvers and whites.


Variable temperature control

There's more to kettles than just a standard boil. The precise water temperature really matters if you're making fresh coffee for instance, which needs to be 90-96°C. If you’re exploring different kinds of teas and developing a refined taste, then you’ll find many are too delicate for boiling water.

Black and oolong teas for example, need water of 85°C. Green tea brews better at an even lower temperature (75-80°C), while black or herbal both require boiling. Stay in control with a variable temperature kettle (also called a temperature control kettle). Pick the Variable temperature 1.7L kettle, the Variable Temperature 1.5L kettle - Artisan or the Kettle with Digital Precision 1L - Artisan for the perfect taste.


Designed for style and convenience

If you love beautiful kitchen appliances, take a look at the Kettle 1.5L - Design Collection. This generously sized kettle has a completely stainless steel interior to maintain water quality. With dual-wall insulation, it keeps the heat inside and boils your water quickly, efficiently, and quietly. You can adjust your temperature to suit the coffee or tea you’re brewing for the fullest flavour.

This sleek, curvy kettle also keeps a cool exterior, so it’s safe enough to take a place at the table while you pour, brew and entertain. After all, why keep something this beautiful hidden away?


Efficient kettle with classic style

You can save time and energy with the dome Kettle 1.25L. Its stylish and shiny appearance combines with helpful features like fast boiling and non-drip spout to make every breakfast and hot-drink break a pleasure.

If you've styled your kitchen with a vintage look and prefer timeless appeal, you'll love the aesthetic of the 1.25L kettle with its classic dome style. Mirroring the stove-top kettle, this curvy electric kettle comes in a choice of iconic KitchenAid colours and boils water quickly to save energy.


Why is a gooseneck kettle better?

If you’re a coffee lover you’ll know that, to achieve the perfect cup, you need the right tools. And, to make pour over coffee, one of those tools is a gooseneck kettle. These elegant kettles have long, sweeping curves and a unique-shaped spout opening. It's not about style, however. That special spout gives you greater control of the flow, speed and direction of the water, essential for consistent coffee extraction as you brew.

Our Kettle with digital precision 1L - Artisan has 3 flow rates: low flow, best for pour-over coffee, medium flow, for brewing tea, and fast flow, perfect for French press coffee. You can select your water temperature, and keep track of it while you pour, so you know you’re within your preferred brewing range. It’s details like this that make the difference between a good cup of coffee and a perfect one.


Big is beautiful

Want to go big? Our larger 1.7L kettle also has an adjustable temperature. Set the level of your choice from 50 to 100°C, thanks to its digital display. This generously-sized electric kettle also has a hold temperature function, to keep your water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes when the kettle is left on its base. Handy when you're rushing.


Beautifully designed electric kettle

Excellent design makes appliances a pleasure to use. Bring breakfast up to date with our Variable temperature 1.5L - Artisan kettle. It comes with new features as well as irresistible curvy looks. Although a generous capacity size, it still achieves speedy boiling and maintains water quality thanks to the stainless steel interior.

Shiny and rounded, it has a chrome trimband to smarten up the table. Love the look? Match it with a 2 slice toaster (long slot) to make an attractive breakfast set,


Kettles to keep it hot

It's a waste of time and energy to reboil water. A kettle with dual-wall construction like the efficient 1.5 L kettle - Artisan keeps water hot for longer. The wall cavity insulates the interior, not only keeping water hot, but also reducing noise and keeping the outside cool enough to move to the breakfast table.

This generously-sized 1.7 L kettle has a smart temperature sensor and 'hold temperature' function. This means it can maintain the temperature of your water for up to 30 minutes when sitting on its base.


Beautiful blooming teas

Tea lovers can have a garden in their cups with a blooming tea ball or bud. Otherwise called flowering tea or floral tea, this exotic tea not only looks stunning, but also brings health benefits such as antioxidants.

Pour water of 85-90°C from your kettle into a glass teapot or cup and the bud will magically open to reveal a bloom. Coming in varieties such as jasmine, orange osmanthus and mao feng, these gorgeous teas are woven by Chinese tea masters.

Passionate about breakfast

Start the day in style.


Coffee machines

If you look forward to that first sip of the day, we have a selection of coffee machines for the brewing method that suits you best. Enjoy it just the way you like it, every day.



The wonderful smell of freshly-toasted bread fills the house. Enjoy a crunchy and satisfying bite with a gorgeous toaster from KitchenAid.


Kettle and toaster sets

Look forward to getting up each morning to make breakfast with your new kettle and toaster. Our sets combine gorgeous aesthetics with lots of useful features.


Water that tastes good

The quality of the water makes a big difference when you’re preparing a hot drink — especially tea or coffee. If you have a water filter jug at home, it’s worth using filtered water in your kettle, rather than water straight from the tap. Not only does the water taste better, a water filter reduces calcium and magnesium, which cause limescale build up in your kettle. 

You should also make sure you clean and descale your electric kettle regularly. You can do this by boiling up a white vinegar and water solution and leaving overnight. Rinse thoroughly before reusing.


Freedom of cordless kettles

All KitchenAid kettles are cordless. By that, we mean the power cord attaches to a base, so you can lift the kettle off and not be restricted by the length of the cord when you’re filling and pouring. This means they’re easy and convenient to use.

Our Variable temperature kettle 1.5L and Kettle 1.5L - Design Collection give you even more freedom in the kitchen. With dual-wall insulation, they keep heat inside, while the outside is cool to the touch. Ideal for transferring to the breakfast table for easy top ups of your morning drinks.