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Pouring shield to avoid splashes and add ingredients to stainless steel 6.9 L bowls.

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Stops messy splashes while mixing

The KitchenAid pouring shield 5KSMBLPS is a great add-on for busy cooks. Made for your 6.6 & 6.9 L bowl-lift mixer, it stops ingredients flying up out of the bowl while you’re mixing – and means you can neatly add ingredients too.

Durable plastic

Made for 6.6 & 6.9 L bowl-lift stand mixers


Chute to add ingredients


6.6 & 6.9 L pouring shield means less mess, less stress

No more clouds of flour or splashes of batter! The KitchenAid pouring shield (also called a splash guard) fits securely on to your 6.6 & 6.9 L bowl-lift mixer and stops even the messiest of mixes from coming out of the bowl and splattering every surface in your kitchen. It also lets you add ingredients while mixing, and because it’s transparent, you can see exactly what you’re doing.

Mixer Parts Pouring Shield For 6.9L Mixer Mixer With Pastry

The handy gadget for busy cooks

Do you sometimes end up with splatters when you’re mixing at top speed? Our  6.9 L mixer pouring shield with secure-fit snap tabs stops your ingredients from escaping and messing up your home. Not only that, it also allows you to add ingredients evenly, via the chute, while you’re mixing. 

So no more stopping and starting – you can easily add ingredients on the go. It’s made of transparent plastic so you can keep an eye on how your mixture is looking.

Mixer Parts Pouring Shield For 6.9L Mixer Mixer With Cookies

The perfect partner for your mixer

Just fit the KitchenAid pouring shield on to the bowl of your 6.9 L bowl-lift stand mixer and you’re ready to go. No messy countertops and, when you’re finished mixing, you can put the pouring shield straight in your dishwasher, on the top rack.

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