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Pastry beater in stainless steel for making light pastries in 6.9 L bowl-lift stand mixers.

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Get pastry right every time

The secret to light pastry is cutting in the butter. The KitchenAid pastry beater 5KSMPB7SS makes consistently delicious pastries. Not only that, it’s also excellent for mashing or shredding cooked meats and soft fruits and veggies.

Durable stainless steel

Made for 6.6 & 6.9 L bowl-lift stand mixers

Horizontal bars to cut butter


What's in the box

The ingenious KitchenAid pastry beater attachment 5KSMPB7SS will banish your pastry fears once and for all. Make that flakey pie you’ve been dreaming of.

Master the art of pastry making

It’s the tool you’ve been waiting for, taking the hard work and hassle out of pastry. It cuts in cold butter, keeping it cold, for just the right taste and texture. 

Stainless steel pastry beater masters the job

Make pastry to be proud of with your stand mixer. You'll get that signature flaky texture every time for biscuits, tarts, empanadas… and more. This paddle is a mean masher and shredder too, for soft veggies and pulled meats, plus irresistible chunky dips.


Pastry beater is your special tool

The dedicated KitchenAid stainless steel pastry beater won’t let you down. It’s made of premium stainless steel, which is exceptionally durable and delivers the goods again and again. It efficiently breaks down cold butter from the fridge, before it has a chance to melt, and makes quick work of shredding and mashing meat, veggies and fruit as well.


Partners with your bowl-lift stand mixer

Designed for your sturdy 6.6 & 6.9 L bowl-lift  mixer, you’ll love the KitchenAid mixer stainless steel pastry beater attachment. Once you’ve used it, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make pastry at home, rather than buying it. Just click it into place and you’re ready to take on all kinds of pastry recipes with confidence.


Why stripes? It’s all in the blades

There’s an art to homemade pastry. The secret is those little pieces of cold butter, blended evenly through the dough that give you the pockets you need for flakiness you’re aiming for.

You could use a manual pastry blender or other beater, but the KitchenAid stainless steel pastry beater does it effectively, in seconds. Those distinctive horizontal bars are for cutting in cold butter, without overmixing or heating it up, for effortless pastry results.


But wait! It shreds and mashes too

This beater isn’t just for pastry. It takes the hard work out of mashing and shredding soft ingredients too. Moist, tender shredded meats are delicious in so many recipes, from the classic chicken sandwich, to pulled pork burritos. And mash doesn’t stop at boiled potatoes; try sweet potato mash, or mashed cooked or soft fruits for yummy dessert toppings. Enjoy experimenting.

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