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KOCCX 45600

1 included accessory
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    What's in the box?

    1 included accessories

    Speed Oven 45 cm

    Power, precision and space: bring your gastronomic ideas to life

    The KitchenAid 45 cm Speed oven offers:

    • 18 Professional functions

    • 7 Traditional functions

    • 4 Microwave speed functions

    • 2 Special functions

    Plus the Speed oven is also equipped with a special temperature probe connected to the oven display so you can check the temperature inside the food whenever you want. You can programme the oven to switch off automatically when the temperature inside the food that is cooking reaches a preset level so you know it’s always cooked to perfection. 


    Distinctive features

    Dynamic sensor

    This unique technology makes microwave cooking even easier. Just select the food type on the Sensor Cooking menu and the smart sensors will do the rest, automatically adjusting the duration and power according to the moisture content and temperature of the food.

    Microwave Jet Start

    The microwave function speeds up cooking times, so you can cook like a top chef.


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