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Dulce de leche cappuccino shave ice

Dulce de leche cappuccino shave ice

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Import-Recipe - Dulce De Leche Cappuccino Shave Ice
Dulce de leche cappuccino shave ice

A decadent dessert for coffee lovers. Sweet, rich and perfect for a summer evening.






espresso pucks

4 shots


500 ml

2% milk

125 ml

dulce de leche

125 ml

evaporated milk

12 to 15 (35 g)

chocolate covered coffee beans

6 g

grated coffee flavoured chocolate bar

Step by step

  1. 1 day before: Put 1 shot per mold of espresso into 4 molds.

  2. 1 day before: Pour milk into molds up to the fill line. It should be about 125 ml per mold. Freeze molds for 12 to 24 hours.

  3. Day of: Pour 125 ml of dulce de leche into a bowl and thin out with 125 ml of evaporated milk. You can use other milks but just make sure the consistency is runny. Stir together. This should be able to drizzle and sink down the sides of ice. This is your sweetener.

  4. This recipe does not require tempering. Shave espresso ice into a glass or bowl of your choice. Pour 25 ml or more (depending on how sweet you want your cappuccino) of dulce de leche mix over ice and top with 3 to 4 chocolate covered coffee beans or grated coffee chocolate bar.