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Matcha mochi ice cream

Matcha mochi ice cream

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Import-Recipe - Matcha mochi ice cream
Matcha mochi ice cream

These matcha mochi ice cream balls are fun to make, and eat.






360 ml

full fat milk

165 g + 55 g


480 ml

heavy whipping cream

3 tbsp

matcha powder

100 g

rice flour

180 ml


1/4 tsp

pandan extract

3 tbsp + to dust the working surface

corn starch

Step by step

  1. To make the matcha ice cream, combine the milk and biggest amount of sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and stir until the sugar dissolves. Pour into a bowl and let cool completely.

  2. Pour the cream (but leave 3 tablespoons of the cream aside) into the bowl. Mix the leftover cream with the matcha powder and add it to the bowl as well. Stir briefly until all ingredients are combined.

  3. Attach the Ice Cream Attachment to the stand mixer (the Ice Cream Attachment bowl needs to be in the freezer overnight before it’s used).

  4. Turn the Speed Control Lever to 1 and pour the cream mixture into the Ice Cream Attachment bowl.

  5. Churn for 20 minutes until the ice cream forms stiff peaks. Freeze for another 4 hours.

  6. To make the mochi dough, combine the rice flour, water and leftover sugar in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover with cling film and microwave for 1 minute on 900 watt. Stir in the pandan, cover with the cling film again and microwave for another minute.

  7. Generously cover your working surface and rolling pin with cornstarch. Transfer the mochi dough onto your working surface and roll it out.

  8. Cut out circles in the desired size and set aside.

  9. With an ice cream scoop, scoop out round balls of ice cream. Put them on the mochi and with the help of cling film, form them into round balls.

  10. Serve immediately or transfer the mochi ice cream into the freezer and enjoy later.