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Tropical mint juice

Tropical mint juice

KitchenAid Chef
Import-Recipe - Tropical mint juice







ripe mango

250 ml


2 tbsp

fresh lime juice

200 g

papaya, chopped


orange, peeled and seeded

1 tbsp

packed fresh mint leaves, chopped


ice cubes

Step by step

  1. Stand mango on narrow edge, with stem facing you, on cutting board. Cut down about 2 cm to one side of stem with sharp knife, just grazing side of pit. Repeat on other side of fruit. You should have two at sides, or “cheeks”. Scoop flesh from each cheek with spoon. Peel flesh around pit, then remove as much flesh from pit as possible. You should have about 200 g of mango flesh.

  2. Combine mango, water, lime juice, papaya, orange, mint and ice in blender jar of the KitchenAid ARTISAN Power Plus Blender. Secure lid and set blender to Juice setting. Blend until machine turns itself off.

  3. Alternatively, combine ingredients in blender as directed, secure lid and turn dial to Speed 1. Slowly increase speed to high (Speed 10 or 11). Blend until completely smooth for about 1 minute. Turn dial to Speed 2 and blend for 10 seconds or so to reduce froth.

  4. If juice is too thick, blend in an extra splash or two of water. Juice is best if served right away.

  5. Try adding pineapple to the mix for a hit of sweet vitamin C.

  6. Ice pops: Pour juice into ice pop moulds, add sticks and lids and freeze until solid for about 4 hours. For fun striped version, use different-coloured juices and freeze each “band” of colour before adding next.

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