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1L Citrus Press accessory for Artisan K400 & K150 Blender 5KSB1CPA

€ 58,65 € 69,00
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€ 58,65 € 69,00
1L Citrus Press accessory for Artisan K400 & K150 Blender 5KSB1CPA
€ 58,65 € 69,00
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5KSB1CPA - 859711585860

Citrus press accessory for the Blender K400 - Artisan. Extract citrus juices without the pulp.

€ 58,65 € 69,00
Incl. VAT
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Citrus juicer for your K400 Artisan blender

Your blender magically transforms into a 1L citrus juicer with this optional accessory. Enjoy making lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange juice.

Everything included

If you’re a fan of juice, this BPA-free citrus juicer makes it easy with everything included. There’s a pulp basket, reamer and juice container with spout to pour your juice.

From limes to grapefruits

Wake up your mouth and liven up your recipes with the 1L citrus press. Turns citrus fruit into juice and leaves the pulp behind. Juice like a pro the easy way.

Dishwasher safe

Just like the other accessories for the K400 Arisan blender, the citrus juicer can go straight in the dishwasher. Enjoy a fresh sensation without the washing up.

Why is citrus juice good for you?

As well as waking your mouth up and feeling super refreshing, fresh juice is all about the nutritional profile.

You get vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre from the juice of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits - and the beautiful taste.

The KitchenAid K400 Artisan blender can instantly become your lemon squeezer or orange juice machine with this handy citrus press.

Why not add it your morning routine or enjoy it during your weekend wind-down?

Healthy food on the go

A colourful diet for life

A colourful plate is a good way to achieve a well-balanced diet. Green kiwis, red grapefruits, yellow potatoes, purple aubergines ... colours indicate variety.

As well as juicing with this optional citrus juicer accessory, you can also whizz up delicious blends in the K400 Artisan blender.

It’s powerful enough to achieve the perfect taste and smoothness for your creations. You can add fruits, seeds, vegetables and even ice into the jar.

A colourful diet for life

to your life

Make the K400 Artisan blender perfect for you with optional accessories for making and storing blends of different sizes and throwing them in your bag.


1L Citrus Press accessory for Artisan K400 & K150 Blender 5KSB1CPA

A citrus press brings you nutritional benefits and is a great tool for a healthy lifestyle. Transform the K400 Artisan blender into a juicing machine with this 1L accessory. It includes a juice container with a handle and pouring spout, pulp basket and reamer. It makes it easy to automatically create fresh citrus juice from limes, oranges, grapefruits and more. You can pour them in a glass to drink or add them to your creations such as lime pie, lemon and garlic marinade, or even carrot and pink grapefruit soup! Enjoy that lively tang. When you’ve finished, just pop all the parts of the citrus juicer into the dishwasher. The K400 blender has a range of other optional accessories, sold separately by KitchenAid. Depending on your routine, you can make and store differently sized blends and take them to work, the gym or days out. Choose a 500ml personal jar (which is handy for taking smoothies and juices on the go), 200ml small-batch jars and a tamper for thick blends

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