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1 x 200 ml small batch jar - Artisan K400 & K150 KSB2042BB

€ 16,15 € 19,00
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€ 16,15 € 19,00
1 x 200 ml small batch jar - Artisan K400 & K150 KSB2042BB
€ 16,15 € 19,00
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KSB2042BB - 859711590870

Small batch jar for the Blender K400 - Artisan. Handy for dips, sauces, baby foods.

€ 16,15 € 19,00
Incl. VAT
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Extra glass jar for your blender

It’s convenient to store your precious nutritional blends with this BPA-free 200ml jar. Optional accessory for the K400 Artisan blender.

Convenient storage

This handy 200ml BPA-free jar has an air-tight lid for you to store your creations for later. Pop a jar in the fridge with your latest homemade dip, sauce or spread.

From sauces to dressings

Make anything from dressings to silky-smooth baby foods and keep them in this air-tight container. Perfect for small batches made with your K400 Artisan blender.

Dishwasher safe

Just like the other accessories for the K400 Artisan blender, this small batch jar can be popped in the dishwasher. Get creative and don’t worry about clean-up.

Delicious smoothies, sauces and dips

Achieve a fiesta of flavour when you make homemade purées, sauces and juices with your K400 Artisan blender.

You can smooth even the toughest ingredients like nuts, seeds, dense and leafy vegetables to achieve the perfect taste. Enjoy thoroughly combined and well-balanced flavours and store your blends in our handy small batch jars.

From winter squash apple soup to chipotle blackbean dip or kale walnut pesto, it’s all within your reach.


Packed with nutrition

Do you like to pack up a creamy chicken soup for lunch? Or perhaps keep a batch of apple and potato purees for your little one?

We’ve thought of all the ways you may want to use your K400 Artisan blender to get more fresh, healthy food into your weekly routine.

This little jar is ideal for stocking up on your favourite cashew butter or keeping a hollandaise sauce for Saturday breakfast.

Packed with nutrition

to your life

Make the K400 Artisan blender perfect for you with optional accessories for making and storing blends of different sizes and throwing them in your bag.


1 x 200 ml small batch jar - Artisan K400 & K150 KSB2042BB

The 200ml small-batch jar is an optional accessory which will increase your options for using the K400 Artisan blender. It’s BPA-free and includes an airtight lid for storing your servings of your sauces, dips, dressings or baby food in the fridge when you’ve finished. The K400 Artisan blender offers a whole range of other optional accessories, all sold separately by KitchenAid. Designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, you can make and store blends and juices and take them with you on the go. Pick up a 1.6L BPA-free plastic jar for making bigger batches, a 1L citrus press or a BPA-free tamper to help with extra thick blends.

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