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20% off breakfast sets

Discover our stylish kettle & toaster sets for a kitchen with perfectly matching devices!

This set includes

We've carefully selected the best matching products... at a special price! Here's what comes in your KitchenAid set.

Big breakfast toaster to be proud of

Is it possible to love your toaster? Of course! This clever toaster does way more than just your average slice. Bagels, chunky homemade or artisan slices are all toasted evenly, and exactly how you like them. You also get a special sandwich rack with this model, to take snacktime to a whole new level.


The toaster for hungry households of any size

Mornings just got easier with this KitchenAid 4-slice toaster. It can cope with big breakfasts, big bread, and big appetites. It has 2 pairs of extra-wide slots, with independent controls. That means you can pop in just 2 slices without wasting any energy heating the other 2 empty slots. Or use all the slots, controlling 2 or 4 slices, to get your toast the perfect shade. The automatic self-centering racks make sure your bread toasts evenly, right up to the edges, every time.

Bored of the same old sandwiches for lunch? The sandwich function, with the included sandwich rack, makes perfect toasties. Even the humble cheese sandwich is elevated to something pretty special. Add some mushrooms or caramelised onions and you'll never look back!


Handy automatic keep-warm feature

When you have a busy morning, the smallest things can make a big difference. We've all done it: run off to feed the dog or sort the laundryn and forgotten about the toast. The KitchenAid Artisan toaster - 4 slice has a sensor which automatically lowers/lifts the toast and keeps it warm for up to 3 minutes if you don't take it out. It's just one less thing to think about whne mornings in the kitchen get hectic.


Toasts just the way you like

Toast is one of life's simple peasures, but it has to be just right. Everyone likes their toast a particular wayn from almost black to slightly warmed bread. This toaster has 7 shade settings to choose from, so you can fine-tune your toasting - from dark to just warm. The LED countdown shows the progress until your toast pops up.

The extra-wide slots mean you can toast any type of bread. So if you're a fan of artisan or homebakes, this toaster can take them on, with no burnt bits.


Make perfect toasted sandwiches

Love toasties? Let's face it, they're the ultimate comfort food. With this toaster you don't need to find space in your kitchen cupboards for a sandwich maker, or spend ages watching and turning your sandwich until a grill. The included stainless steel sandwich rack makes it simple.

Whether you crave a croque monsieur to kick-start your morning, or a comforting chocolate spread and banana toastie when you get back from work, just choose your fillings and go. The hinged design opens flat to make it easy to insert and remove sandwiches and it clamps into place to help stop food drips.


Stress-free toasted bagels or frozen breads

Everyone who loves bagels knows that toasting them can be a tricky business. Our KitchenAid 4-slice toaster has a special bagel function, to take care of it all for you. It reduces the power on one side of the heating elements to gently brown the outer side of the bagel, while toasting the sliced side to perfection. This setting is also ideal for buns or rolls. All you need to worry about is what tasty toppings you're going to choose.

Forgotten to take the bread out of the freezer in time? We've all been there. The frozen bread function gently defrosts and toasts frozen breads straight from the freezer. If you don't take it out within 45 seconds, the toaster automatically lowers and keeps it warm. Problem solved.


A toaster that's built to last

Toasters work hard and need to be robust enough to handle heavy use, every day and any time of day - from busy breakfasts to sneaky late night treats. That's why our Toaster 4 slice - Artisan is made out of die-cast metal and won't let you down. Everything about this toaster feels reassuringly solid. A five-year guarantee gives you extra reassurance that, if anything does go wrong, you're covered.

And, because of a hard-working toaster is rarely put away, this sleek, curvy toaster looks so good, you'll want to keep it on show. The crumb tray and cord wrap make sure everything is kept neat and tidy.

Iconic kettle design with temperature control

Enjoy moments of calm with the elegant KitchenAid Artisan kettle. With its generous 1.5 L capacity and precise temperature control, it’s the ultimate tool for making flavourful speciality teas, coffees and recipe preparations at home.


Choose the temperature for special teas

Being able to control the temperature is important if you like the refined taste of delicate teas like green or white tea which can be damaged by boiling water. Or, if you need it to be at boiling point for black, rooibos or herbal tea, it quickly achieves it.

Just select from 6 temperature settings in 10° increments from 50 to 100° C, to get the best taste for a delicious cup. Plus, see the stylish temperature gauge? That allows you to check the temperature of the water in use, even when the kettle is off its base.


Enjoy sharing with a generous 1.5 L capacity

This stylish kettle is ideal for boiling large quantities of water for larger families and shared spaces. The 1.5 L capacity works out to around 6 cups of tea or coffee! So you can enjoy a hot drink break with family and friends without running out and having to reboil.

Or, if you’re boiling it for recipe preparations like soups and sauces, you’ll have enough capacity too. Despite the large volume, it’s still fast boiling so you won’t be waiting around.


Temperature hold keeps it warm for you

Are you always busy? The kettle has dual-wall construction for insulation and will maintain the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes when left on its base. This ingenious temperature-hold feature is ideal if you often get side-tracked when you’re in the kitchen.

You can come back to it a few minutes after boiling and it’s still ready to pour out at just the right temperature. That means less need for wasteful reboils.


Easy to use, grab and pour

Teas and coffees get many of us through the day. They are the welcome break we look forward to in our routines! So, convenience is the name of the game with a hard-working kettle.

Select the temperature you want with the mechanic temperature lever. The kettle makes a lovely ding sound when the chosen temperature is reached.

Pour out your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup or any other hot preparation with ease using the soft grip handle. It’s comfortable to hold and feels secure in your hands. Then, return it to the base with its handy under-base cord wrap for neat storage.


A gorgeous mixture of retro and modern

Like an eye-catching design? This curvy kettle has a timeless elegance that echoes stove-top kettles of the past. Its smooth silhouette will enhance any retro or contemporary kitchen environment.

Take your pick from a choice of colours to match your interiors or other kitchen appliances — or suit your personality with something relaxed or lively. The soft-touch handle is sturdy and tactile, there’s a lid release button, and the 360° base gives easy access from any angle. A removable limescale filter keeps the water inside clear – so that your drinks taste as good as they look.


Stainless steel body is strong and durable

Having a stainless steel kettle means that your kettle will be strong, resistant to knocks and durable. With its included 3-year guarantee, you know that it will be a reliable tool for a long time to come. Simply register your new product or keep your proof of purchase at home and then contact us in the future with any issues at all.