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Pasta Roller 5KSMPSA
€ 89,10 € 99,00
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5KSMPSA - 859704001032

Pasta roller attachment for all mixers. Evenly roll dough for lasagne, linguine and more.

€ 89,10 € 99,00
Incl. VAT
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Pasta roller does the job for you

Isn’t homemade pasta wonderful? It’s a real step up from packet pasta and you can perfect it yourself with the pasta roller attachment.

Easy to roll

No more aching arms! Once you’ve made your dough and left it to rest, you can feed it through the pasta roller until it’s perfect.

Control the thickness

Simply adjust the thickness of the dough by feeding it through at increasingly high setting until it’s right for your chosen style.

Ready to cut

Once you have thin, even sheets, you can move on to cutting with a pasta cutter for spaghetti, fettuccine or other noodles (sold separately).

How to use the pasta roller machine

The pasta roller creates sheets up to 14cm wide of your chosen thickness. Your step-by-step guide:

The rolling pin: doing it without a pasta roller

The work of the pasta roller machine can be done by hand, the traditional way. With time and skill, you can achieve paper-thin sheets of pasta ready to cut. You’ll need a rolling pin and a sprinkling of patience. Take your homemade pasta dough at room temperature - well rested - and divide it into pieces. Put some flour on the countertop and the rolling pin to keep it from sticking. Or, use the pasta roller attachment to save your arms and do the hard work for you.

Your guide to pasta sheet thickness

If you’re unsure about the right thickness to aim for with the pasta roller, here’s a guide:

1 or 2: Kneading and thinning dough
3: Thick 'kluski' noodles
4: Egg noodles
4 or 5: Lasagne, fettuccine, spaghetti, ravioli
6 or 7: Tortellini, thin fettuccine, linguini fini
7 or 8: Linguini,  ‘angel hair’, capelli

Pasta drying rack gives you space

When you’ve achieved your beautifully thin sheets of pasta and cut them in whichever way you like, they’ll need to dry. To save space and air-dry evenly, you can use the KitchenAid pasta drying rack (sold separately). You can get the equivalent of 3 metres of drying space with the staggered spiral. Take the wand from the centre post and catch the sheets or strings as they emerge. Then, feel smug about your creation.

Tip for making great pasta dough

Once you’ve discovered the joy of making fresh dough with the dough hook in the KitchenAid stand mixer (sold separately), it’s time to get rolling.

Before you start, leave it to rest for at least half an hour (or refrigerate for up to 24 hours) so the gluten can ‘relax’. This makes it easier to roll. It should be slightly tacky and just moist enough to form a ball.

How long does it take to dry pasta?

It will take about 15 minutes for your fresh pasta sheets to be ready to cook or store. Hang the strands on a pasta drying rack or something similar to let them air flow around them.

Cut your pasta sheets with pasta cutters

What’s your favourite? What about the children? Classic spaghetti or hearty fettuccine? You can create fresh, authentic noodles of your choice with your pasta sheets. When you’ve used the pasta roller, select your pasta cutter (sold separately) and put it on the attachment hub of the stand mixer. Then, feed your prepared pasta sheets through. Simple! You’ll be delighted with the uniform strands that emerge from the commercial-style cutters and can cook them right away or dry for later.

Pasta Roller 5KSMPSA

The Pasta roller attachment 5KSMPSA turns your homemade pasta dough into beautiful thin sheets. Designed for ease and control, this stainless steel pasta roller is an optional attachment which fixes securely to the attachment hub of your mixer. You can create sheets of any thickness using the 8 thickness settings. Always start at the widest setting (number 1) and then gradually increase through the scale as you keep on rolling it through. Thick tagliolini, medium for lasagne or thin for linguine or ‘angel hair’ pasta. Feed the dough through at least 3 times for each setting, always folding it up and then putting it through again. Don’t forget to sprinkle flour to avoid the dough sticking. Your fresh pasta sheets will be up to 14 cm wide and perfectly smooth and even - all ready to use or cut with the KitchenAid Pasta cutter (sold separately). This commercial-style pasta roller comes with a handy cleaning brush. Authentic pasta is fun to create. Why not make colourful pasta with natural dyes such as carrot, pepper or beetroot.

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