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5 years guarantee

Temperature resistant ceramic mixing bowl in White Chocolate for 4.3, 4.7 or 4.8 L tilt-head mixers.

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Dip into white ceramic indulgence

Just another mixing bowl? You couldn't have it more wrong when it comes to KitchenAid’s delicious White Chocolate ceramic mixing bowl. Strong, temperature-resistant and luxurious, it ticks all the boxes.

Made for 4.3, 4.7 & 4.8 L tilt-head mixers

4.7 L capacity

Long-lasting ceramic

Pour spout






Mixing bowl is white and bright

Enjoy a burst of creativity with this stunning white ceramic mixing bowl 5KSM2CB5LW from KitchenAid. Robust and versatile, you can put it to work in lots of different ways, for whatever you’re cooking. Whether you’re kneading bread dough, melting honey or popping something in the freezer, this multi-purpose bowl can handle it.


Blowing hot ‘n’ cold

From the heat of an oven to the icy chill of a freezer, this White Chocolate mixing bowl is temperature resistant so you can make any food you fancy. From tempering chocolate, melting butter or cooling ingredients, this strong-as-nails beauty won't crack under pressure.


A white touch for your mixer

This versatile ceramic bowl is the perfect addition to your culinary tools. Give your kitchen a freshen up when you match it to your 4.3 L, 4.7 L or 4.8 L tilt-head mixer. Whichever colour your stand mixer is at home, this can give it a lift.


Bowl built to go the distance

Tired of having to treat your utensils with kid gloves? You don’t have to be careful with our KitchenAid ceramic mixing bowls. Stylish, yet strong and durable, this bowl is made of titanium-reinforced ceramic. It comes with a trusty 5 year no-chip guarantee and resists cracking, chipping, crazing or staining for years to come.


An easy pour

Beautiful and functional, the White Chocolate ceramic mixing bowl has a pouring spout so you can neatly pour your mixture straight from your bowl to the baking tray or pan. Minus the mess! Its convenient handle makes manoeuvring it simple and frees up your other hand to multitask.

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