Need inspiration?
Want to add a little flair to your dishes? Enter your cravings below to receive enticing recipe ideas tailored to you.
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Need inspiration?

Want to add a little flair to your dishes? Enter your cravings below to receive enticing recipe ideas tailored to you.

  • Crispy Oven Fish

    Easy weekday dinner your whole family will love.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 25' Cooking
  • Fish burger

    Try these delicious fish burgers for a meal that the entire family will enjoy.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 10' Cooking
  • Steamed red mullet fillet with basil pesto mayonnaise sauce

    Wash the leek and remove the large, long leaves.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 10' Cooking
  • Peas and coriander mousse with cuttlefish spaghetti

    Set the cuttlefish in a vacuum bag than process it in the Chef Touch vacuum machine.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Everyone likes: steamed cod with wok potatoes

    Before cooking the fish, prepare the potatoes. Place them in a big pot, rinse them, cover with cold water...

    • 18' Prep work
  • Cod loin and shellfish

    PREPARATION - Slice the white part of the leeks into julienne strips, sauté in 30g butter and season...

    • 30' Prep work


Share the joy with these tried and tested recipes for taste temptation. Beloved by home chefs, you’ll enjoy the satisfied smiles on your diners’ faces almost as much as the flavours.

Burger Buns

Forget the store-bought buns and make your own burger buns at home.

  • 15' Prep work
  • 20' Cooking

Banana oat pancakes

These no-flour pancakes are very tasty and quickly made in a blender.

  • 5' Prep work
  • 15' Cooking

Perfect Pizza Dough

The only thin crust Italian pizza dough recipe you’ll ever need!

  • 65' Prep work
  • 20' Cooking


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