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The Vacuum Machine allows you to vacuum-seal your raw or fresh ingredients together with their seasonings in special pouches. The machine's clever design even allows you to safely vacuum-seal liquids. Choose from 4 automatic programmes for professional results: Cycle for food preservation; Cycle for sous-vide cooking; Cycles for professional vacuum boxes; Stop and vacuum sensor setting. Using exceptionally strong vacuum power in the chamber (reducing the pressure in the pouch to 5mb compared to the 350-500mb typically achieved by standard consumer vacuum sealers) the machine creates the ideal preservation conditions to ensure the longer-lasting freshness demanded by top professional chefs. Read more... The vacuum machine features an intuitive LED control panel that simplifies vacuum packing. Just press "Bag Cycle" to create a vacuum in the special KitchenAid pouches, or "Container Cycle" when using containers. It's one of the aplliances part of KitchenAid Chef touch: a 3-in-1 sous-vide cooking system featuring a Vacuum Machine, for preserving food with the sous-vide technique, a Steam Oven, for cooking +food in the vacuum-sealed bag, and a Shock Freezer for rapid chilling and freezing. Close


Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)

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5-Year Guarantee

KitchenAid understands that being a passionate gourmet means enjoying your kitchen, loving the space, and trusting in only the best to make it unique.

That is why we at KitchenAid offer our customers a guarantee that covers the cost of labour and parts for five years when you purchase at least 3 appliances.

You can find general conditions of the legal and contractual guarantee in the pdf document that you can download from here.


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Technical Specifications

Depth of the product 548
Height of the product 454
Width of the product 598
Depth of the packed product 800
Height of the packed product 550
Width of the packed product 600
Net weight (kg) 42
Gross weight (kg) 46

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