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Why is the blender coupler worn or broken?

Blender couplers connect the base of the blender to the jar. If you can see a problem, then find out the possible reasons and what to do...

The coupler on the blender is the part that connects the base of the blender to the jar. There are several different types, depending upon the model blender you have. Some models have a "crown-shaped" piece that sits on the base of the blender. Image1 Other models have "recessed" couplers, which means the protruding part is on the blender jar base, and the recessed portion is on the blender base. Image2

Why would a coupler get damaged?

There are a few reasons that a coupler may get worn. It could be:

  • Pushing down on the lid of the blender or removing the jar from the base while still spinning can cause the coupler "teeth" to come off.
  • Blending chunky items like frozen fruits or vegetables immediately at high speeds, which can cause wear on the coupler.

Tip for blending chunky or dense items

It's important to use the "Pulse" button to break up chunky items first, before progressing to the higher speeds if your model has them. This results in a much smoother blend in less time, because it allows the items to fall down into the blender blade to be impacted. Using a high speed straight away causes the chunky items to float around in the middle of the jar, and it takes longer to achieve a beautifully smooth consistency.

Find the manual for your blender here

Need help with a damaged item?

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