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How often to clean your espresso machine?

The Espresso Machine from KitchenAid gives you authentic tasting espresso in your own kitchen. Discover how often to clean and descale it...

For the best results, regularly clean your Espresso Machine and accessories, according to the instructions in the User Guide. This includes emptying the drip tray, wiping the body with a damp cloth, washing the accessories in soapy water, and cleaning the steam wand after every use.

Note: It is important to unplug the Espresso Machine before cleaning and allow it to cool down.

For descaling the Espresso Machine

The clean cycle indicator will blink when it’s time to run the descaling programme. The frequency of descaling will depend on the hardness of the water in your region, so it is important to programme the Espresso Machine according to the water hardness level of your location.

How to programme the indicator light chart

Water Hardness: Low: 0 to 60 ppm Medium: 60 to 120 ppm High: more than 120 ppm

TIP: To restore all factory settings on the Espresso Machine, press and hold the “Dose Button” for 3 seconds. All indicator lights will blink indicating that all settings are restored.

The descaling process runs in 4 phases, takes about 10 minutes and must be completed before the next use. At any time during the descaling programme, you can pause the cycle by pressing start/stop button. And, resume too by pressing the start/stop button. Make sure you only use descaling solution intended for Espresso Machines.

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