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How to clean the cold brew coffee maker?

Cold brew makers can be used for tea, as well as coffee, with beautifully smooth results. See how to clean your KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker...

It's important to thoroughly clean your Cold Brew Coffee Maker after each use. To avoid damage, do not wash in the dishwasher. Be aware that the taste of your coffee can be affected if the brew jar and steeper assembly is not thoroughly cleaned of all grounds, coffee oil residue, or soap after each use.

Steps for how to clean the Cold Brew Maker

  1. Clean all parts by hand only. Rinse coffee residue from each part. Wash with warm, soapy water, then open the tap and run warm water through until the tube and tap are empty. Dry each part with a dry, soft towel. Wash
  2. For occasional deeper cleaning: First, push the clasp to release the door located on the bottom of the brew jar. Push
  3. Next, gently loosen the hose nozzle from both ends to remove. Loosen
  4. Then, twist the nut/wrench that holds the coffee drain in place and remove both of these parts. Twist
  5. Finally, using the nut/wrench as a tool, loosen the tap and remove it. Remove
  6. Hand wash all parts in warm, soapy water. Dry all parts thoroughly and reassemble. Make sure the coffee drain seal is in place when reassembling. Hand wash

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