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Frequently asked questions

When will my package be delivered?

We can't wait for you to receive your package so that you can start enjoying your products. Find out all about delivery timescales here...

The delivery time depends on the destination and the shipping method that you selected at checkout.

You can choose between "standard" (less expensive, but slower with no guaranteed date of delivery) and "express" (faster and with a guaranteed date of delivery) rate. When ordering online, the current delivery times are displayed on the product pages and on the checkout page. These are updated live and can fluctuate depending on holiday periods (such as Christmas) or sales periods (such as Black Friday).

The status of your order and an estimated delivery time can be found in ‘My Account’ on our website, where the status of your order is regularly updated.

As soon as the good leave our KitchenAid warehouse, we'll send you an update email. This will give you the shipping information of your parcel, the parcel number and a hyperlink to track the parcel on the shipper's website. On that shipping company's website, you'll find contact information of the shipper.

We also share a link in ‘My Account’ with the tracking details.

Where our products are sent from

All items are sent out from KitchenAid's warehouse, located in Antwerp, Belgium.

We only ship via a professional courier. Your signature is required for delivery; if you are absent and unable to sign, you can ask anyone of legal age to sign for you. If no one is able to take delivery, you'll be asked to contact our delivery service to rearrange delivery.

What if you don't receive the package at the expected time?

If your package is not delivered on time, please tell us by emailing us at<

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