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Why does espresso come out too quickly?

If you're finding that your espresso is coming out of the Espresso Machine too quickly (or slowly), check our advice here...

When you have prepared your espresso and pressed start, the correct amount of water (depending on how many shots you selected with the Dose button: 1 (~ 30 ml) or 2 (~ 60 ml) will be dispensed. The hot water is forced through the coffee grounds that you put into the filter basket and tamped.

Shot duration should be between 20-30 seconds for both 1 and 2 shots.

  • If less than 20 seconds (ie. it comes out too quickly): the coffee is too coarse, so use a finer grind. There may not be enough coffee in the filter basket, or you could have tamped too softly, so try being more firm (15-20 kg or 30-40 lb of force).
  • If more than 30 seconds (ie. it comes out too slowly): increase grind size and/or reduce tamp pressure.

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