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Can I exchange products without their original packaging?

If you are returning an item to KitchenAid for exchange, please take care to use the original packaging. Check our advice here...

You can only exchange a product if it's faulty or incorrect. If this is the case, you can return the item to us for replacement, exchange or refund — whichever you prefer.

We ask you to please avoid damaging the goods by returning the items to us in their original packaging, with all the accessories and packaging components included.

Items for exchange must include:

The product, along with any accessories, instructions, guarantee, etc. in the original box. If necessary, you could add a protective outer layer of packaging to avoid transport damage. If items returned to arrive back incomplete, damaged, or soiled, they cannot be accepted.

What if the box was damaged on arrival?

If the item appeared to have been damaged in transit when it was originally delivered to you, that is not your fault. Please help us by taking a photograph of the package and submit that to us along with your return request.

To find out how it works, see our returns process: How can I return a purchased product?

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