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What are the conditions for online promotions?

We like to offer our customers a variety of great promotions and discounts on our website. Here's how they work...

We offer an exciting range of discounts and promotions on our website. These include individual product discounts, discounts across a range of products, promotional free gifts, and discounts unique to you, for example when signing up to our newsletter.

Here's what you need to know about promotions and discounts

  • All the promotions and discounts that you can find on our website are only valid online, on that specific country website, and for a certain period of time, while stock lasts.
  • Personal discount codes cannot be combined with ongoing online promotions.
  • Online promotions can also be product and colour specific, meaning that a discount might only be valid for a specific product in a specific colour, so does not apply if you select a different colour.
  • If a sale or promotion product runs out of stock, or if the promotion /sale has expired, it will no longer be possible to claim the discount.

Please always check the specific promotion conditions for each campaign, which are fully detailed on the specific promotion banners featured on the website.

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