Electric kettle to start off your day

What's the first thing you do in the morning? Put the kettle on, of course. Ease into the day with an electric kettle that is efficient, generous, durable and gorgeously designed.

Pick a style for your electric kettle

You can find an electric kettle to match your toaster and create a stylish set. Or, make a colour pop with something different. Perhaps you're an Empire Red kind of person, prefer to relax with Almond Cream or keep things oh-so-cool with Onyx Black. There are sleek, contemporary models and timeless kettles with a classic look. The choice is yours.

Cream kettle and toaster

A clear winner: the glass kettle

Did you know that you can brew in a kettle? Take a look at the all-in-one brewing capability of the 1.5L glass kettle - Artisan. As well as variable temperature control designed to preserve each tea's unique flavours and aroma, there is also a removable stainless steel steeper. You can add your tea leaves to the steeper or alternatively, use the kettle to boil water without the steeper in place. Enjoy watching bubbles and the steeping process in action. Welcome to morning mindfulness.

Glass kettle with cup of tea

Electric kettles with a timeless aesthetic

Premium kettle does it all

The Artisan 1.5L kettle - Artisan also has a smooth rounded design. While it may look timeless, this kettle is up-to-date with clever features and helpful extras. You can adjust your temperature to suit your infusion and the dual-wall construction means quiet boiling, keeping water hot inside while cool to the touch.

The classic dome style

If you've styled your kitchen with a vintage look and prefer timeless appeal, you'll love the 1.25L kettle which has a classic dome style. Mirroring the stove-top kettle, this curvy electric kettle comes in a choice of iconic KitchenAid colours and boils water quickly to save energy.

Be precise with variable temperature kettles

You don't want a full, rigorous boil for every hot drink. In fact, you can harm the flavour with scalding hot water. Tea and coffee lovers choose variable temperature kettles - electric kettles which allow you to select the right temperature for your brew.

Big is beautiful

The larger 1.7L kettle also has an adjustable temperature. Set the level of your choice from 50 to 100°C, thanks to its digital display. This generously-sized electric kettle also has a hold temperature function, to keep your water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes when the kettle is left on its base. Handy when you're rushing.

The ideal temperature

Another variable temperature kettle is the 1.5L kettle - Artisan. You can choose between 7 temperatures at the flick of the switch - from 50°C-100°C - and suit anything from delicate white and green teas up to black tea and herbal infusions. The water is boiled efficiently and quietly and you can check the temperature as you pour.

Pour like a pro

The KitchenAid 1L digital precision kettle - Artisan has a variable temperature selector in 1 degree increments, together with a brew range thermometer displayed on the lid. It will reach your desired temperature slowly but steadily to get an exact result. It even has a gooseneck spout so that you can pour over coffee grounds with an even flow, like a true barista.

Beautifully designed electric kettle

Excellent design makes appliances a pleasure to use. Bring breakfast up to date with the 1.5L kettle. It comes with new features as well as irresistible curvy looks. Although a generous 1.5L capacity size, it still achieves speedy boiling and maintains water quality thanks to the stainless steel interior. Shiny and rounded, it has a chrome trimband to smarten up the table. Love the look? Match it with a 2 slice toaster (long slot) to make a set.

Black kettle and toaster with 4 cups of tea

Water that tastes good

The quality of the water makes a big difference when you’re preparing a hot drink. KitchenAid kettles have stainless steel interiors to maintain water quality and taste. Make sure you clean and descale your electric kettle regularly. You can do this by boiling up a white vinegar and water solution and leaving overnight. Rinse thoroughly before reusing.

Black kettle and toaster with matcha latte

Toaster to match your electric kettle

Why not make a tasty combination? You can select a toaster to match your KitchenAid kettle with our sets.

Cream kettle and toaster on wood table
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