Filter coffee machines serve a perfect cup

Does fresh coffee get you through the day? Make it easy with a filter coffee maker. Enjoy fresh coffee at home without the hassle. Designed by our experts to get the critical combination of water, coffee and brew timings just right, so you can just turn up and pour.

Filter coffee machine makes it your way

The sleek and convenient KitchenAid drip coffee machines are ideal if you like your coffee to be made every day, just right. Choose your timing cycle on the intuitive programmer and then select your preferred brew strength. Pour out a delicious hot cup of coffee any time of day or night.

Is a drip coffee the same as filter coffee?

They both refer to coffee made by pouring hot water over fresh coffee grounds in a filter. The solubles in the coffee are dissolved and strained through the filter into the vessel below. You can do this by hand with the pour-over method. Or, you can have our filter coffee machine do it for you through our gold-tone permanent filter. As temperature and timing are critical to the taste, the filter coffee machine is a handy way to achieve the perfect cup without the trial and error.

Black filter coffee machine with cookies

The stylish filter coffee maker

Want your filter coffee machine to look stylish too? Of course. The KitchenAid drip coffee makers are curvy and sleek, in a choice of Onyx Black, Charcoal Grey, Almond Cream or Empire Red (for the drip coffee maker 1.7L) and Onyx Black or White (for the drip coffee maker 1.7L - classic). Shiny and sturdy, these drip-coffee machines are made to be admired and enjoyed for many years to come. With two brew buttons in different places, you can position it forwards or sideways. The spout on the carafe prevents drips and spills.

Grey filter coffee machine preparing hot coffee with 2 cups of coffee

Go for gold with the coffee filter

Take a sip and how does your coffee taste? Gold star? The filter affects the quality of your cup of coffee. Paper filters that remove all the natural oils can make the drink taste flat. The gold-tone permanent filter on our filter coffee machines is reusable and designed for optimum filtration. It's long-lasting, economical and replaces the standard size-4 filter paper cones. There's even a helpful dosage ladder, to make sure you add just the right amount, without the guesswork.

Reusable coffee filter

Filter coffee delivered on time

Do you want your coffee at 07:30 on the dot? Or for a 15:30 sofa break? Tap in the time that suits you and the 24/7 programming will serve you. There's intuitive one-touch control with an LCD display and no confusing menus to scroll through. With the latest model, you can even set one cycle for weekdays and another for weekends.

The warming plate on the filter coffee machine will even keep your carafe warm for you. Whatever your routine, it's ready on time.

Zoom on control panel of black filter coffee machine

Which filter coffee machine?

€ 139,00 € 119,00
Brew strength Regular or bold Regular or bold
Colours Onyx Black, Charcoal Grey, Almond Cream, Empire Red Onyx Black, White
Brew basket aesthetic Stainless steel Standard
Carafe capacity 1.7 L (12 cups) 1.7 L (12 cups)
Warming plate High or low in 10-min increments Keeps warm for 40 mins
24 hr programming 2 programmes available 1 programme
Filter Gold-tone permanent Gold-tone permanent

Spiral shower-head like a barista

The 1.7L drip coffee makers have a unique 29-hole spiral shower head design. This is inspired by the spiral action of the barista, who spirals around with the water to steadily soak the coffee grounds. The grounds are evenly saturated by the shower head for optimum extraction, taking just the right amount of time to give you a full-bodied cup.

Filter coffee machine shower head

The taste you love

Everyone's different, so choice is important. As well as choosing your favourite coffee, you can also select regular or bold on the brew strength selector. The filter coffee machine then adjusts the brew to deliver the flavour that makes you go 'mmmmm'.

Adding coffee in black filter coffee machine

Pause and pour whenever you like

Can't wait for your coffee? We've all been there. That's why there is a 'pause and pour' feature on the filter coffee machine. This stops it dripping if you pick up the glass carafe while the coffee is brewing. Pour a quick cup and return it to the plate to finish dripping through. Shhhh! We won't tell anyone.

Serving hot coffee in a cup

Be a home barista!


Enjoy a beautiful breakfast

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