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Congratulations on your new espresso machine — now claim your free digital guide

Register your espresso machine to get your free digital Espresso Starter Guide. It introduces you to the basics of great coffee, and of course, espresso. Learn about grinding, brewing times and popular espresso-based drinks. Fill up on ideas!


Get to know your espresso machine

You’ll be eager to get to know your shiny coffee maker. Your home espresso machine has a number of different parts, which all work together to deliver the perfect shot. Here’s a quick guide.


Cup warmer

Keep cups ready to go with the handy cup warmer on top of your machine.


Steam wand

Make coffee-house quality milky coffee drinks with the stainless steel steam wand.



Our portafilter has a unique flat base to help you achieve a consistent, even tamp and extraction.



Choose between double or single wall baskets for pre- or freshly-ground coffee.



For pressing your coffee grounds into the basket to create the coffee ‘puck’.


Milk pitcher

Use this with the steam wand — just fill it with your fresh, cold milk.

Technology meets traditional espresso brewing

It's easy to control and prepare your espresso with these handy buttons. Choose the mode and the number of shots. There's even a cleaning cycle too.

Mode button

Espresso, Steam or Hot water.


Dose button

Choose to make 1 (1 shot) or 2 (2 shots).


Clean cycle button

The clean cycle prevents limescale build up and keeps the machine running smoothly.


Start/cancel button

Start the brewing process and also start/stop the steam or hot water modes.


Tips for enjoying your espresso machine

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to brew coffee house quality espresso in the comfort of your kitchen. But here are some extra barista tips to help you get the most out of your favourite new machine. You’ll be pulling shots like a pro in no time.


The water matters

For great tasting espresso, it’s best to use cold tap water or filtered water in your machine’s water tank.


Keep it nice and warm

Remember to put your cups on the cup warmer, all ready for your espresso! You don’t want the water cooling down on its way through the machine either.


It’s all in the tamp

Getting a level tamp is actually more important than the tamping pressure. Tamp firmly and evenly to create a bed of coffee with a uniform density, so the water can flow through the grinds for perfect extraction. Love crema?


Don’t forget to descale

Luckily, the clean cycle indicator will blink when it’s time to run the descaling programme.

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